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Understanding How Stress is Killing You

Did you know there is actually an American Institute of Stress? In 2012, they presented some statistics: “44 percent of Americans feel more stressed than five years ago. One in five Americans experience “Extreme Stress,” which includes shaking, heart palpations and depression. Work stress causes 10 percent of strokes and is the basic cause of […]

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Interstate 17 Expansion Under Consideration

Tired of being stuck for hours – or even just delayed – by heavy traffic or accidents on Interstate 17 between Cordes Junction and Phoenix? Or weary of having a shipment not happen on time because a delivery truck was hung up on the freeway? That may change – if increased pressure from a variety […]

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Science Offering Another Reason to Exercise

If binging on Netflix sounds more appealing than going to the gym, consider this: scientists are finding that cardiovascular exercise is having positive effects on the human gut microbiome — the community of trillions of tiny organisms that thrive inside the dark, wet, warm walls of our intestines. That is important because research is linking […]

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Online Grocery Shopping Has Arrived

Extra busy? Too tired? Got family or pets demanding your undivided attention? Missing a key ingredient for that favorite recipe? Just need a little longer to finish that work-at-home gig? Or, just feel like relaxing at home when you ought to go out and buy groceries? Your Instacart personal shopper and home delivery person may […]

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RedRocks Sober

Softened, Sobered, Shaped by Red Rocks

As time and erosion have shaped and smoothed sandstone slabs and towering monuments of Sedona, the Red Rocks are also proving to be a human rock tumbler of sorts, wearing away rough, abrasive exteriors and revealing hidden beauty beneath. Such is the case of David, a smart, likeable 20-year-old blond from Louisville, Kentucky. “I started […]

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