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Following a Passion for Fine Art

There’s an old saying, don’t give up your day job,” said Dick Arentz, who did not leave his first career until his passion for photography had developed into a full-time business. “I had three little mouths to feed.” The Flagstaff octogenarian is a world-renowned fine art photographer and author. His book, “Platinum & Palladium Printing,” […]

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women timberline firearms

Women Owning Firearms on the Rise

Did you know that women are the fastest growing demographic when it comes to firearm ownership? Firearms historically have been considered a man’s world but gun stores and ranges are getting the hint and becoming more women-friendly, welcoming and catering to women more than ever before. The result is that women are feeling more comfortable […]

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nordic Center

Arizona Nordic Village Preparing for More Visitors, Campers, Events

Arizona Nordic Village managers have been working with the United States Forest Service on an Environmental Impact Study following the approval of the Nordic Village Master Development Plan earlier this year. The five-year plan calls for up to 22 new yurts and cabins, and improvements designed to increase recreation and business opportunities for all seasons. […]

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eye, eye

Can Electronics Damage Your Eyes?

We look at our telephones, computers and other electronics countess times each day. Have you ever stopped to think what this does to your eyes? Recent research seems to indicate that it may contribute to your risk of macular degeneration, not to mention that it can also cause eye strain, headaches and dry eye, to […]

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How Will Trump’s Tariffs Impact Your Investments?

Fundamentally, the topic of tariffs is good. Government leaders implement tariffs on foreign products and services to restrict imports by tacking on additional taxes or fees. The aim is to make foreign products less attractive to domestic consumers. Establishing tariffs, proponents argue, helps correct trade inequities and boost domestic production and growth. Proponents assert that […]

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gym, weights

Does Physical Therapy Really Help Recovery?

If you or a loved one have suffered a stroke or traumatic injury or had surgery such as a joint replacement, you may think that medical treatment is what is needed to get you back to living the life you love. And while it is true that medical treatment can help put the pieces back […]

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Wondering About a Hip Replacement?

The ability to walk in a balanced, fluid motion is something that many of us take for granted. The hip joint is an essential part in creating this function. When pain and stiffness alter this ability and non-operative measures fail, I begin the discussion with my patients about total hip replacements. This surgery involves replacing […]

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Ashley Taylor

Runner Taking Lessons from the Track to Help Others

Many students experience a range of highs and lows throughout their collegiate career, and recent Northern Arizona University graduate Ashley Taylor is no exception. A runner on the track and field team, her athletic career was a bit of a roller coaster, lurching from the thrill of early success to the agony of a deflating […]

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