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T Paul Thomas

Jump Up and Down on the Table and Scream

This month is the five-year anniversary of my stepping away from being a full-time corporate CEO and starting my career as a professor and Executive in Residence at Northern Arizona University. Five years ago, I wondered how I would stay current on what was happening in corporate America, so that I could continue to teach […]

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Promising Pennies from Heaven

Summer is the time when many of us think about vacations, sitting by the pool, hanging out with friends, maybe a trip to the river. It’s not a time when most of us are thinking about taxes and tax returns. But then, the letter hits your mailbox. Whether it was overlooked income or something you […]

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Coral Evans

Flagstaff Needs to Strategically Accommodate Growth

Hello, Flagstaff! It’s July, which means Council is on recess until August. I thought now might be an appropriate time to look back at what we’ve accomplished and where we’re going. When I ran for office in 2016, I was asked what the biggest problem facing Flagstaff was. I said at the time it was […]

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Helping Seniors Prepare for Natural Disasters

Like anything in life, preparedness can make all the difference when various circumstances come about. Acknowledging what potential dangers could occur for your family members and loved ones at their homes is a great place to start, and then devising a plan should follow next. Below are some simple strategies to implement into the homes […]

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Sales Mind/ Don’t Get Sold

Since January 2017, I’ve been investing in education to expand my practice from working with individuals to groups in various ways. Along the way, I’ve been exposed to/been trained in some sales techniques. It is amazing that once I learned the techniques I see them everywhere. Some are obvious while others are less so. They […]

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Don Brandt

Keeping on the Right Clean Energy Course for Arizona

The fight over a so-called clean energy ballot measure from California billionaire Tom Steyer has been in the news a lot lately. At best, this proposed change to our state constitution is ill-conceived and irresponsible energy policy. At worst, it is political gaming at the expense of Arizona residents. Either way, it sets Arizona’s energy […]

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Karon LynnAudio

Protecting Against Noise: How Hearing is Damaged

The most common cause of permanent hearing loss is noise exposure. That being said, unless you live in a perfectly quiet world, it is likely that you are exposing your hearing organ (cochlea) to excessive vibration. We hear through vibration and vibration is what causes the damage! It is a Catch-22. The hearing organ is […]

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