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RedRocks Sober

Softened, Sobered, Shaped by Red Rocks

As time and erosion have shaped and smoothed sandstone slabs and towering monuments of Sedona, the Red Rocks are also proving to be a human rock tumbler of sorts, wearing away rough, abrasive exteriors and revealing hidden beauty beneath. Such is the case of David, a smart, likeable 20-year-old blond from Louisville, Kentucky. “I started […]

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fresh focusers

Sun Sounds Turning Up the Volume for Podcasters

Local podcasters have found creative ways to voice their messages. One pair records in a back bedroom inside a blanket fort to get the acoustics right. But now, the Sun Sounds studio is open for rent, offering professional broadcasting equipment. Sun Sounds is a non-profit radio station that helps the blind or other visually impaired […]

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Babbitt Ranches Soaring with Eagles

Efforts are underway to increase the number of golden eagles on Babbitt Ranches in Northern Arizona. Researchers are concerned a drier, warmer climate may be changing the prey base – decreasing the number of small mammals that the eagles eat – and at the same time, increasing populations of harmful insects that can be deadly […]

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Housing Divide Challenging the Region’s Vitality

Amanda and Andrew Atherton will likely be moving away from Flagstaff this summer, primarily because of the area’s cost of living. Married for two years, the couple would love to stay in Flagstaff, but the high cost of rentals makes saving for a home down payment too difficult. Amanda is finishing a graduate degree in […]

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new year new car

New Year, New Car!

Sometimes the most unexpected things happen at the most unexpected moments. Sometimes they are small encounters, sometimes they are so much larger than one could fathom. Some call these moments fate or destiny. Flagstaff resident Meg Adakai calls her unexpected moment a true blessing. Adakai won a new 2018 Toyota Camry, just before her 30th birthday […]

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Flagstaff Tackling Traffic Congestion

Anybody who has lived in Flagstaff for a while may well agree: driving on Milton Road during rush hour at the height of tourist season can be frustrating. The same may hold true on Highway 180 from Baderville into town during a holiday weekend in the winter when there is snow. The concerns have been […]

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Expanded Air Service Taking Off

In the spring 2018, Flagstaff Pulliam Airport will begin offering non-stop American Airlines flights to and from both Los Angeles and Dallas. Los Angeles flights will start on May 5 and Dallas flights the following month, on June 7. Tickets for both are now on sale. American will use its current 70-seat aircraft for both […]

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Educators Comparing Mount Vesuvius Eruption with Northern Arizona’s Volcanic Activity

One of the most noted natural disasters in history was the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, which buried and preserved the Roman city of Pompeii in volcanic ash and rock. Educators like Sari Custer, vice president of curiosity at the Arizona Science Center, compare the volcanic activity with geologic processes in Northern Arizona. “When Mount Vesuvius […]

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