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County Clerk Verifies Signatures for Flagstaff Initiative to Amend Minimum Wage Hike

Elevate Flagstaff announced that the Coconino County Recorder has verified enough valid petition signatures to officially place the Sustainable Wages Act on the ballot in the next Flagstaff election. Nearly 9,000 signatures from Flagstaff voters were submitted to the County Clerk last month — almost two times the required amount needed — petitioning the City Council to grant a May special election to amend Prop 414 with the Sustainable Wages Act. Prop 414, the unsustainable Flagstaff minimum wage increase, takes affect beginning in July.

“We are pleased that the voters in Flagstaff will be able to vote on the Sustainable Wages Act, but our mission to protect our local economy is not done,” stated Debra Maya from Elevate Flagstaff. “We now call on the Mayor, Vice Mayor and our City Council to do the right thing and give us an opportunity to fix Prop 414 in a May special election. The consequences of waiting to amend Prop 414 before wages rise to unsustainable levels are too severe. It’s the duty of our city’s leaders to listen to the will of the people and take action to protect our city from policies that will harm our city and its residents. We hope they will listen to us before it’s too late.”

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