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Garden-Tainment: Taking the Party Outside this Summer

Believe it or not, summer will technically be over next month. You can already feel it now – the days are getting shorter and there’s that nip of chill in the air first thing in the morning.

To paraphrase the poet, now is the time to gather ye summer memories while ye may. And the best way to do that is to take advantage of your backyard and garden and make them the place to meet.

In our industry, this is known as “Garden-tainment” – moving the party outside to take advantage of beautiful weather and surroundings.

The key to Garden-tainment is the atmosphere you create. Garden-tainment means you get to customize your outdoor space to perfectly reflect you!

Today’s weatherproof outdoor furniture comes in an amazing variety of colors and styles, so you can treat your outdoor space as if it were another room of your house.

Décor is important too, so mix it up. A beautiful lawn can have stretches of flower and vegetable beds, providing you with beauty and nutrition. Add trees, nature’s great provider of shade and privacy. And use container gardening throughout to provide pops of color. Containers are also perfect if you are working with a small space, making any patio or small yard more warm and welcoming.

In addition to your plants and containers, Warner’s has other finishing touches for this special space, such as fountains, birdbaths and other statuary.

If you add a dining table outside, we suggest a small herb garden as both a pretty and practical centerpiece. Interested in taking it up a notch? How about special lighting, water features or even an outdoor kitchen?

Fire pits are also a great feature, but we live in an area often plagued by drought, so make sure there are no fire restrictions in effect (you can check on fire restriction status in Flagstaff on the city’s website).

Making a beautiful area for Garden-tainment can be a great family project. And once you’re done, make sure to fill your special space with the most important thing – the family and friends you plan to enjoy it with.

Our staff at Warner’s Nursery is on hand to help you find the elements that will make your outdoor space the newest and most inviting room of your home.

Happy Gardening! FBN

By Misti Warner

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