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Hayley Healey

Sedona Movement Guru Pens Guide to Being Best Self

Landmarks of the red-hued kind are Sedona’s calling card. While inspired by them constantly, Pilates expert and wellness professional Hayley Healey focuses more on the landmarks inside each us, those that guide and shape our movement patterns, and the deep connection between the mind and the body. If writing a self-improvement book were akin to […]

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Sales Mind/ Don’t Get Sold

Since January 2017, I’ve been investing in education to expand my practice from working with individuals to groups in various ways. Along the way, I’ve been exposed to/been trained in some sales techniques. It is amazing that once I learned the techniques I see them everywhere. Some are obvious while others are less so. They […]

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Twin Arrows banner

Twin Arrows Deploys Arizona First Security Robot

The next time you visit Twin Arrows Casino Resort, you may meet “K5” patrolling the Twin Arrows parking lot. Looking and sounding a bit like R2-D2, the Star Wars character, the Knightscope K5 is a 398-pound autonomous robot that provides a commanding, but friendly, physical presence. The security robot, the first in Arizona, acts as […]

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Krista Stepa

Runner Keeping Business Career on Track

As a Northern Arizona University student athlete, Canadian-born Krista Stepa spent much of her collegiate career competing. Whether running for the university’s track and cross country programs or presenting business development plans she devised while participating in the BizBlock program at the W.A. Franke College of Business, she often was in a position to measure […]

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Dark Skies

Protecting Flagstaff’s Dark Skies around Naval Observatory

Civilization is creeping up on the U.S. Naval Observatory. At risk, said USNO Director Dr. Paul Shankland, is its dark sky status, which is important to astronomers and astrophysicists, and to national security. “In a general sense, we are responsible for the celestial reference frame,” he said, which is a catalog of about a billion […]

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Don Brandt

Keeping on the Right Clean Energy Course for Arizona

The fight over a so-called clean energy ballot measure from California billionaire Tom Steyer has been in the news a lot lately. At best, this proposed change to our state constitution is ill-conceived and irresponsible energy policy. At worst, it is political gaming at the expense of Arizona residents. Either way, it sets Arizona’s energy […]

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Timberline Firearms & Training Hosts Grand Opening Celebration Saturday

 Timberline Firearms & Training is hosting its official grand opening celebration from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.,Saturday, July 28. Participants 18 years old and older can shoot a Daniel Defense fully automatic rifle and other guns for free, with manufacturer representatives from Ruger, Walther, Patriot Ordnance Factory, Springfield and others available to provide expert advice. Shooting […]

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Karon LynnAudio

Protecting Against Noise: How Hearing is Damaged

The most common cause of permanent hearing loss is noise exposure. That being said, unless you live in a perfectly quiet world, it is likely that you are exposing your hearing organ (cochlea) to excessive vibration. We hear through vibration and vibration is what causes the damage! It is a Catch-22. The hearing organ is […]

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