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Is Your Pet Microchipped? 

We know that most pet owners look forward to having fun outside with their pets, but sometimes pets want to have a little fun of their own! Every year, thousands of pets escape the safety of their yards and human companions and take themselves for a walk. The thought of a lost pet can be […]

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Stretching Property Tax Dollars 

The new year brings a sense of a new beginning to many parts of our lives. It also brings a new legislative session and new opportunities for the county to engage with our state policymakers. Our county is working on important items to stretch the property-tax dollars we all pay and improve our quality of […]

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When You Love an Addict 

When you love an addict, it is a painful and confusing journey.   The effects of addiction are like a stone being thrown into a pond. There seems to be no ending to the spillover of pain, drama, intensity and insanity. The whole family system is imprinted, and we all suffer.  Concepts of recovery for family […]

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Foot, Shoe

Foot Lumps and Bumps  

“I’ve got this lump on my foot – what could it be?” As a foot and ankle surgeon, I am asked this question quite frequently. I always explain that because bumps on feet can signal both serious and non-serious conditions, it is always best to have all lumps and bumps properly examined by a foot […]

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John Saltonstall 

Getting to Know Your Coconino County Rapid Response Team 

The Rapid Response Team (RRT) is housed in our Coconino County Career Center and works with businesses that are transitioning. This means the focus of the RRT is to assist businesses that are downsizing, struggling or simply closing. While the primary focus is to help the businesses, the RRT also works with employees who are […]

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Do I need a Primary Care Doctor? 

The answer is “Yes.” You need a primary care doctor.  I get it. You are young and healthy and never have any problems. Or, you do have medical issues, but have several specialists who provide your care. You are busy and don’t think you need to see a primary care doctor.  Let’s talk about why […]

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Flagstaff Appraiser Offering Lifetime of Market Knowledge 

Similar to many longtime Flagstaff residents, Ray Henry came to Flagstaff to attend Northern Arizona University and decided to stay. That was 50 years ago, in 1968, and he has never regretted the decision. Shortly after finishing his studies, Henry earned his real estate sales license, following up with his real estate broker’s license a […]

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