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Giovale Open Deck Observatory Taking Viewers Closer to the Cosmos

Michael Beckage was 11 years old when the night sky changed his life. Peering through a high-precision telescope, he observed the golden-ringed magnificence of Saturn. The mesmerizing moment never left his heart or mind. The Seal Beach, California resident now sets up telescopes on the town’s pier to share the enchantment of the universe with […]

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Brain Gymm

Brain Gym Helping All Ages Stay Calm and Focused 

Eleven-year-old Payne was experiencing some blocks with reading and math at school. He was having difficulty grasping the lessons and was struggling to focus. He had bouts of anxiety and sadness.   Sixteen-year-old Aiden was in an alternative school to help him manage his academic challenges and some behavior issues. He struggled to fit into a regular […]

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Remembering Senator McCain 

The legacy of war hero, presidential contender and proud American Senator John McCain is being honored and praised by local and national leaders as a country of respectful fans mourns his passing. Known for toughness and integrity, and described as a maverick with his own brand of common sense conservatism, Sen. McCain died Saturday afternoon, […]

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Lake, Kayak

Finding the Perfect Retirement Age

A new report released by shows that different generations disagree on the ideal age to retire. Americans, on average, seem to believe 61 years old is the best time to call it quits from the workforce. The report also found that younger adults tend to be more idealistic about their retirement goals. Gen Xers and millennials said […]

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‘Suntern’ Chases the Sun to Flagstaff

Lauren Breedlove may believe she has the best summer job. She earned a “Sunternship” with the Days Inn hotel chain. It is her job to jet set to some of the sunniest cities in the nation, explore, take photos and learn a few things about the destinations to share. On her list was Flagstaff, where […]

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Protecting the Hearts of those Who Protect Us 

He did not see it coming.  Patrick Burns, a career firefighter, 41 at the time, had just joined his wife, Anita, for a run in the Doney Park area. She was preparing for an upcoming marathon and had asked him along on a training run.  Stationed at Summit Fire Department, Burns had taken the day […]

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