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What is Your Real Estate Love Language?

Love languages. We all have them. The definition of a “love language” is the way we most often express our love to others (or feel loved by others). Real estate is such an emotional and personal experience for buyers (whether a first-time buyer or seasoned investor), that we can talk about “falling in love” with […]

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If These Walls Could Talk

Driving down Humphreys, do you find it hard not to notice the eye-catching traditional bungalow on the southwest corner of Cherry and Humphreys? Flagstaff has such a rich history and so does our real estate bungalow at 219 N. Humphreys Street. Built in the early 1900s, this bungalow was originally someone’s home. In 1962, Willard […]

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Housing Divide Challenging the Region’s Vitality

Amanda and Andrew Atherton will likely be moving away from Flagstaff this summer, primarily because of the area’s cost of living. Married for two years, the couple would love to stay in Flagstaff, but the high cost of rentals makes saving for a home down payment too difficult. Amanda is finishing a graduate degree in […]

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Reflecting on Reasons to Love Fall in Flagstaff

As 2017 comes to a close, it’s a good time for reflection. Here are my Top 10 reasons to love fall in Flagstaff: Standing in my backyard every morning, shivering, gazing at Agassiz Peak until the sun’s first pink ray finds the summit. Driving into town and seeing the Peaks wrapped in the yellow/gold ribbon […]

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Sherri Monteith

Where Has 2016 Left the Real Estate Market?

After the sun set on 2016, many of us are looking back, reflecting on what the year brought us. Professionally. Personally. Typical hustle and bustle of the holiday season, paired with the reality of winter may leave buying or selling a home way in the back of your mind. Real estate quiets slightly around this […]

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Keith Todhunter-Schaafsma

Five Estate Planning Questions to Ask About Real Estate

Preparing your estate in advance is one of the greatest gifts you can give your family. Many estates include real estate in the form of a primary home, vacation home and other family properties. While inheriting a property can be a wonderful legacy, it also comes with obligations that heirs may be unprepared or unable […]

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Sherri Monteith

Studying Real Estate Market Trends

What is driving the real estate market right now? More than halfway through 2016, we have a good handle on what is driving our market now and what will likely remain throughout the rest of the year. Inventory remains slightly low compared to previous years. This is typical for Flagstaff in the winter months, but […]

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