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Antioxidant Serums Boosting Skin Health During Massage 

Did you know the skin is the largest organ of the human body? Our skin is made up of everything that covers the body, including the hair and nails. The skin is also the heaviest organ, accounting for nearly 20 percent of a person’s total body weight.  

The skin’s primary functions are to hold our body together; to protect us from harmful elements such as the sun, cold and heat, wind, harmful substances and disease; to regulate our body temperature; and to help rid the body of toxins. 

For most of us, our skin works so well that we don’t have to worry much about taking care of it (other than the daily rituals of bathing and applying sunscreen when needed). But the difference between neglected and cared-for skin can be the difference between health and illness. The early warning signs of many illnesses often show up on the skin first.  

Taking good care of your skin helps this large organ do its job better. Developing a daily skincare routine that cleanses, moisturizes and protects your skin, especially those areas that are constantly exposed to the sun and weather is extremely important, regardless of age. 

Massage is also an important tool in skin health as it helps the body rid itself of toxins, stimulates cell growth and promotes general overall health. For thousands of years, massage with special ointments has been used to keep the skin and underlying muscles and soft tissues healthy, vibrant and strong. For instance: 

  •   In South America, people used avocado oil
  •   In Africa, many women use palm oil
  •   Egyptian women used frankincense, myrrh and olive oils mixed with spices
  •   Romans were known for using aloe, myrrh and egg yolks
  •   In China, almond cream and precious ingredients such as white jade, lotus roots, pearls and ginseng were applied to the face and body

Today, skin and body products are easier to use and are affordable to most people.   


CyMe Boost Serums Enhance The Benefits Of Massage 

Massage Envy clients now have the choice in selecting a serum suited to their individual needs and desires. The carefully and proven serums provide a new level of skin care and massage benefits, for a total-body experience.  

CyMe Boost serums bring massage and skin care together in a powerful way. Infused with highly concentrated antioxidant ingredients, each unique serum provides added benefits to the skin during a massage session by targeting the specific needs of each person. The combination of enhanced lotions and serums work together to offer a personalized experience that expands and improves the therapeutic massage session. 

The serums are odorless and are added to the client’s individual massage lotion bottle. Two serums can be added and can be mixed with aromatherapy oils; however, adding more than two unique ingredients can dilute the serums and decrease the effects of the serums and oils. 


Massage Envy’s CyMe Boost collection of skin serums include: 

  •   Energizing: Stimulates the skin for a more radiant and youthful look; contains guarana seed extract, horse chestnut extract and caffeine.
  •   Clarifying: Helps clarify and balance the skin by removing impurities from the skin’s surface; contains aloe vera, willow bark, rose hips and cucumber, chamomile, papaya and marigold flower extracts.
  •   Renewing: Creates a more resilient, brighter, youthful look by supporting suppleness and firmness; contains chamomile, algae (seaweed) and grape seed extracts.
  •   Purifying: Works to purify the skin for a brighter and healthy-looking appearance; contains aloe juice, goji fruit extract, magnesium, zinc, white and green tea leaf extracts and copper.
  •   Firming: Moisturizes to instantly minimize the appearance of fine lines and leaves skin soft and smooth; contains aloe juice, echinacea, plant cellulose and gotu kola extract.
  •   Hydrating: Intensely hydrates and penetrates to the lower layers of the skin to provide lasting moisture and increase the skin’s luminance; contains sunflower, sesame, olive and grapeseed oils, and Vitamin E.

Need a Boost? Add a new CyMe Boost to your therapeutic massage session for only $10 per boost. Combine with other enhancements for nearly unlimited choices to improve your health and your massage experience. QCBN 


By Mark Love 



Mark Love is the Franchisee of Massage Envy Spa Flagstaff, located at 1235 S. Plaza Way in the University Plaza Shopping Center next to Safeway. For more information on the benefits of massage and to schedule an appointment with a massage therapist, visit MassageEnvy.com or call 928-526-ENVY (3689) and follow on Facebook at Facebook.com/MEFlag. Schedule an appointment online – your time, your convenience, your massage. 



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