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Applying Rapid Tension Release Massage

Rapid Tension Release (also known as vibration or percussion) Massage uses rapid movement to ease muscle tension and reduce aches and pains. This specialized massage technique provides concentrated, rapid, short-duration pulses deep into the hard-to-reach muscles and tissues to stimulate blood flow and relax tight muscles, ligaments, tendons and the fascia that covers and connects all the body’s soft tissues and organs.  

Massage Envy’s Hypervolt massage device has varying speed and intensity settings that can deliver up to 3,200 percussions, or vibrations, per minute. The lightweight and ergonomic design with four different attachments allows for an individualized and effective massage experience.

Combined with gentle massage strokes and stretch to the muscles and connective tissues, Massage Envy’s Rapid Tension Release Massage is a breakthrough treatment for those suffering from chronic pain or pain caused by injury or overuse.  

Vibration massage can be applied to any part of the body that can receive other massage strokes, and usually comes near the end of a massage once the muscles are somewhat relaxed and warm. Rapid Tension Release Massage movements are performed for relatively short but even sequences or duration over specific areas of the body. The vibrations are not too hard or aggressive or continued in one area for a long period of time to avoid overstimulation of the skin, muscles or nerves in that area. 

The rapid vibrations can be either soothing or stimulating depending on the pressure and/or the speed of the vibrations.

The Rapid Tension Release Massage causes muscle contractions that can be up to 30 times stronger than regular voluntary contractions. The results include:

Decreased pain

Increased muscle strength, muscle tone and muscle recovery

Better balance and stability

Relaxation of tight and thickened connective tissue and fascia

Break down of adhesions and internal scar tissue present after injuries or surgery

Increased blood, oxygen and nutrient flow throughout the body

Increased circulation of the lymphatic system

Elongated muscle fibers

Improved range of movement and flexibility

Less stiffness in joints

Other health benefits of the Rapid Tension Release Massage include:

Lower blood pressure

Enhanced immune system

Improved sleep

Elimination of toxins

Better mood

Smoother digestion and elimination

Healthy skin

Balanced autonomic nervous system

Stimulation of internal organs

Rapid Tension Release Massage is beneficial for those who may suffer from:

Muscle soreness, spasms and cramps

Muscle injury due to trauma, surgery or disease

Sports-related injuries and overuse of muscles

TMJ syndrome



Carpal Tunnel Syndrome



Benefits to Those Who Have Some Paralysis

The high-vibration massage is also very beneficial for those who have full or partial paralysis because of an injury or disease. The vibrations cause the muscles to contract on their own. This means it can be very beneficial to those who are unable to move or stretch a particular muscle or area of the body. The Rapid Tension Release Massage stimulates the muscles and prevents non-use atrophy while also improving muscle and nerve responses.

Massage is an important tool in overall mental and physical health. Incorporate Rapid Tension Release into your next Massage Envy session and experience the benefits for yourself! FBN

By Mark Love

Mark Love is the Franchisee of Massage Envy Spa Flagstaff, located at1235 S. Plaza Wayin the University Plaza Shopping Center next to Safeway.

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