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Flagstaff Voters Deciding on Bond Issues

Flagstaff’s City Charter requires that any bond issuance demanding a pledged guarantee of city tax revenues must be submitted to public vote. On Nov. 6, a special Bond Authorization Election will decide two important ballot questions. The Core Services Maintenance Facility Bond (Ballot Question 406) will provide for a new site and building for maintaining […]

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Predictions for the Winter Sport Season

Picture it: Furry forest creatures provisioning for the coming season; amassing stores of nuts and other morsels to ensure their winter feasts. According to Dave Smith, director of sales and marketing at Snowbowl of Arizona, the habits of forest fauna are one indicator of what we can expect for the coming snow season. “The animals […]

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Have I Got a Story for You!

The 1982 hit, “I Melt With You,” by Modern English was the kind of fractured love song that appealed to twenty-somethings finding their way in a new millennium. Growing up during the Cold War, having experienced the tumultuous 70s, and bearing the many sorrows of the Vietnam era produced a generation that understood the fragility […]

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Barcelona’s Crisis Observed

The waiting room at the police station on Nou de la Rambla in Barcelona is full on the day a visiting reporter makes an unwanted detour to help a friend. Barcelona pickpockets are particularly skilled. Stories of wallets and cell phones stolen from right under your nose are fairly common. The station features a 24-hour […]

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I Have No Clue What I’m Talking About, But Neither Do You

Pre-digested opinions about political matters appear to be the norm, and the persistence of mistaken perceptions (the belief that something is true though all evidence points to the contrary) afflicts many more people than just the late-night hangers-on at Flag Brew. These pernicious human tendencies prove problematic for democratic society whenever important decisions have to […]

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Pearls Before Guys

I like practical books. It’s fine to read about the exploits of successful business gurus. But I’m always left wondering if their success might be more a matter of luck than the sure-fire strategies they wave about with so much bravado – starting with the fact that most of them are men. Face it, ladies! […]

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Young Russian Entrepreneurs Choose an Ideal Path

Tommy Tuna’s is like any student hang out – cheap food, blaring music, young people flirting, facebooking, and cramming for exams. If you ignore that those young people are speaking Russian and that the menu offers blinis and traditional Russian salad alongside of burgers and fries, you could imagine yourself in any university town, anywhere. […]

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Ready, Aim, Reverse

Words are funny. To use them, they have to mean something. But, they often take meaning from the way we use them. Sometimes they change with context. Other times, words seem so stuck to one context that it’s hard to think of them differently. We understand “rational” and “efficient” in limited ways from ideas about […]

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Innovate This!

Have we had enough innovation yet? Probably not. That buzzword still drives a lot of business (and political) thinking. Rod Adner, author of The Wide Lens: A New Strategy for Innovation, points out that every year “vast amounts of money, time, attention, and effort are spent to introduce productive change.” Innovation, these days, is the […]

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