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Fourth Street: Corridor to Flagstaff’s Future

Peek into the history of Flagstaff’s Fourth Street and you’ll find that it was the city’s commercial corridor long before the environs of San Francisco and Front Streets became respectably chic. In its halcyon days, K-Mart was the thriving and prosperous anchor for the area and its businesses. Now, K-Mart is gone, leaving a “huge […]

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The Economic Impact of Cleaner Clothes

If your 2012 out-with-the-old-and-in-with-the-new makeover is still in progress, consider doing a bit of housecleaning in the Worn Out Convictions Department as well. According to Cambridge University Economist Ha-Joon Chang, a lot of accepted wisdom about the way the world works – economically speaking – is desperately in need of updating. Does anyone still think […]

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Same Kids, Different World

There’s this thing that I call the Gee-Whiz Syndrome. A possible corruption of the decidedly outdated, “geewhillikins,” or euphemism for “Jesus” expressed as an invective, “gee whiz” is often used nowadays as an adjective to describe the naïve wonder attached to something new or unheard of, like gee-whiz technology, to characterize the latest gadgetry. The […]

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The Survival of Teepees

For many of us, the ideas of business and competition go together like Lumberjack and Louie, Navajo and taco, tequila and sunrise – part of the natural order of things. The idea got its biggest boost in the modern world after Charles Darwin connected the idea of competition to theories of evolution and natural selection. […]

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Of Course!

Whenever colleagues from abroad tell me they are planning a trip to the east coast, I urge them to add Arizona as a detour destination. “We have the Grand Canyon,” I tell them. “If this is your only trip, you can’t leave without taking one look.” Those who make the trek are eternally grateful. There’s […]

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Evaluating the Swiss Connection on Northern AZ

Small town values and “standing firm” may be at the heart of doing business in Snowflake and other Mountain towns. But understanding the impact of financial and monetary decisions half a world away from Arizona is increasingly important, too. The ongoing debt crisis in Europe and the ripple effects of a strong currency in Switzerland, […]

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Bonds and Bankruptcy in Northern Arizona

 Who knew cities could go bankrupt? These days, we understand the possibility too well. Like corporations and people, cities can find themselves in court renegotiating debt. In the past year, cities in states from California to Rhode Island have either filed for bankruptcy or are considering it. Like the United States government, the debt dilemma […]

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Is It Really Is Safe to Go Back In the Water?

Ever thought about opening your own business? Well, think again. If statistics are reliable, most businesses go out of business within their first decade (as high as 60% according to some reports). The turnover of storefronts from Hunt Avenue to Aspen during the past several years is enough to convince. Nevertheless, owning your own business […]

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