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Should You Turn Your Property Into a Vacation Rental?

One of the hottest trends in real estate is leasing investment properties as vacation rentals, providing investors an alternative to traditional long-term rentals and the ability to occasionally utilize the property themselves. Vacation rentals are becoming increasingly popular with consumers seeking properties that suit their particular needs and offer the same amenities as home. Before […]

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Poore Clinic

Free Sunnyside Medical, Dental Clinic Marks First Anniversary

It’s been a year since Henry and Nina Poore opened the Poore Medical Clinic and Sid Davis Memorial Dental Clinic in Sunnyside across from Coconino High School, and Nina cannost wait to show visitors around. “It’s quite unbelievable,” she said. “Look at the backyard! The Flagstaff Leadership Program took out big stumps and I couldn’t […]

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NAU Science Building

NAU’s New Science Building is Complete

Questions abound about the future of science education, but there is no need to look any further than the new Science and Health Building on the Northern Arizona University campus to appreciate the university’s commitment to doing something about it. The impressive five-story structure serves as a focal point that symbolizes NAU’s rise to scientific […]

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AWD Staci Foulks

Practical Advice for Testifying in Litigation

For most people, being called to testify in court or at a deposition is a scary thing. For some, it brings to mind images of brutal cross-examinations in courtroom scenes on TV or in movies. For others, public speaking is terrifying in general, and even more so when the subject matter is personal or emotional. […]

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Colorado River Lake Powell Horeshoe Bend

Update on Gold King Mine Spill

Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) officials announced it has examined data provided by states upstream of Lake Powell and closer to the Gold King Mine spill. ADEQ’s analysis of data released by the Utah Department of Environmental Quality of samples collected about 100 miles from Lake Powell (closest Utah sample) shows that water quality […]

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Jordan Miller

Answering Questions About Sunscreen

I get asked three questions all the time. What sunscreen should I buy? What SPF should I use? Are sunscreens safe? Before I address these questions, a little background on sunscreens will be helpful. There are two types of sunscreens: chemical blockers and physical blockers. Chemical blockers absorb UV radiation and then become inactive. Physical […]

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Knowing When to Harvest the Ripest Fruit

Most tree fruits start to signal their best taste with a sweet scent in the air. But it’s very hard to gauge the exact moment of peak ripeness. Times will vary year by year and different varieties will come in at different times. Here are a few signs to watch for by fruit variety. Apples […]

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Ross Rothamer

Coconino Community College President Finalists Named

Another milestone has been reached in the search for the next president of Coconino Community College. On Aug. 11, the CCC District Governing Board reviewed the 40 applications received from throughout the country. The Board identified five finalists: Dr. Susan Bigelow serves as the Vice President for External Relations and economic development at Northern Wyoming […]

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NAU Working with Citizens on Skunk Research

NAU researchers have partnered with northern Arizona communities in an effort to learn more about skunk behavior and determine best methods for vaccination against rabies, a fatal disease that can be spread from skunks to other wildlife, pets and humans. An oral vaccine for skunks is on the horizon and an experiment in northern Arizona […]

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