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What Does Business Attraction Mean for Flagstaff?

Why don’t we have an In-n-Out Burger, Trader Joe’s or a Costco yet? That is the most commonly asked question that I receive. These types of businesses are considered retail businesses and are providing specific products direct to the consumer. The retail sector tends to get the most publicity because that’s what most consumers interact […]

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Hearing Loss in Children

The incidence of hearing loss in children is higher than you might expect. Studies have shown that newborn hearing screenings identify from one to four out of 1,000 babies tested, depending on the research cited. Most hospitals offer newborn hearing screening and many audiologists offer the test in their office for the babies missed at […]

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Nordic Center Yurt

Resolve to Try Something New, Healthy, Outdoors

Topping many a New Year’s resolution list are goals to try something new, be more physically active and appreciate the outdoors. The Nordic Center, 15 miles north of Flagstaff, resolves to help you successfully meet your goals. The ski area reports 70 percent of its 30 miles of trails are snow packed, expertly groomed and […]

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Angels Home Health Care

Explaining Accountable Care Organizations

One of the biggest concerns with the healthcare system is that providers and medical facilities primarily operate in silos. This silo approach to medical care means patients have to repeat tests, fill out numerous forms and questionnaires, pay multiple bills, keep track of files and files of medical information, which have to be carried to […]

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North Country HealthCare Names New CEO

North Country HealthCare has named Anne Newland, M.D., M.P.H., as chief executive officer to succeed Ann Roggenbuck, M.P.H., M.B.A., Ph.D. A clinician-leader for more than 10 years, Dr. Newland brings a wealth of experience and education to her new leadership position. A graduate of Barnard College, the University of Nebraska Medical Center and Harvard School […]

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Technology Keeps Photographers Shifting Focus

Bill Jay, longtime advocate for photography, famously said, “The best way for photographers to become rich and famous is to go into another field.” He probably would not get much of an argument from modern members of this profession, especially in today’s digital world of picture-taking smartphones, easy-to-access photo-editing software, and ubiquitous social media that […]

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Jerry Nabours

What is Flagstaff’s Reputation?

William Franke, an international businessman (and namesake of the NAU Business College), spoke last month at the Alliance Bank Economic Outlook Conference. He said some countries have so many layers of bureaucracy and so many overlapping and conflicting regulations that it is not worth it to invest in doing business there. He mentioned some countries […]

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The Gopher Hole Features Flagstaff’s Early Architecture, Ambience

With original rock walls and massive stone archways, wooden benches salvaged from a Holbrook Babbitt Brothers warehouse, street-level windows and an impressive mahogany bar from a post-Prohibition Flagstaff, The Gopher Hole Pub is rich in character and history. Located in the basement of the historic Weatherford Hotel, The Gopher Hole was a welcomed establishment in […]

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Dr Flint

How Can Medical Experts Disagree?

As a patient and a provider, I have been fascinated at how medical decisions are made. As you have surely noticed, the medical world seems to take one step forward and two steps to the side when it comes to new recommendations on things like mammograms or PSA screening. Often, experts disagree (often, vehemently) over […]

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