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Help Comes Up the Hill for Holiday Hungry

Many of the holiday tables of those most in need in Northern Arizona will have benefited from regular deliveries up the hill from Phoenix of staple food items in semi trucks from St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance. The destination for trucks is the Flagstaff Family Food Center warehouse on East Huntington Drive. “From Havasu across […]

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Runners Gripping Icy Roads with Kahtoola’s Latest Innovation

The red-hot item on this year’s winter runner’s Christmas list may well be Kahtoola’s NANOspikes. The Flagstaff company had already established MICROspikes as a winter option for trail runners to slip over their shoes when founder Danny Giovale and his team went to work on developing a traction option for road runners back in 2011. […]

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North Leupp Family Farms Exploring Blue Cornmeal Production

North Leupp Family Farm, located less than an hour drive northeast of Flagstaff, is positioning itself to be a supplier of milled blue corn to Northern Arizona businesses. The 100-acre farm has been awarded a USDA Value Added Producer grant that would fund a feasibility study and development of a business plan for producing blue […]

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Housing For Older Persons Communities Change Age Limits

Based on an Arizona court decision, Arizona “housing for older persons” communities must consider Fair Housing issues when enforcing their residency restrictions. In Canady v. Prescott Canyon Homeowners Association, the Arizona Court of Appeals ruled that “housing for older persons” community associations must waive their minimum age restriction and allow disabled individuals, regardless of their […]

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Breaking the Cycle of Elder Abuse

Unscrupulous financial scammers preying on the elderly is probably the most well known form of elder abuse. What most people don’t realize is that elder abuse is more prevalent and far-reaching than fraud and scams. Elder abuse encompasses a wide range of mistreatment, including physical, emotional and sexual abuse, abandonment and neglect. It most often […]

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Happenings on Fourth Street

This spring, look for the new Fourth Street Gateway that will be installed at the northeast corner of Fourth Street and Route 66. Developed with substantial public input, the Beautification and Public Art Commission and the City Council, the project incorporates key principles of redevelopment and will serve to highlight the corridor for motorists along […]

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What to Do if Suspected of Driving Under the Influence

If you are ever confronted by the police as a suspect, remember two rules: First, don’t lie. Don’t say anything to the police that is not true. Second, don’t incriminate yourself. Don’t say anything that admits a fact that could cause you to get in trouble. Here’s how this advice plays out in the context […]

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How to Deal with Annoying People

Dealing with annoying people is a sad fact of everyday life. Sometimes, there is just no way to avoid annoying, irritating people. While you may not be able to avoid these folks, there are ways you can reduce the annoyance factor. Consider this. For someone to annoy you, two things must exist. First, there has […]

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Anatomy of an Audit

 One of the greatest fears of most taxpayers is the idea that the Internal Revenue Service might audit them. I have prepared taxes for well over 20 years, and one of the most common requests is: “Please keep me from getting audited.” The preparer does not control that. The IRS screens returns and uses an […]

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Winterizing: Easy as A-B-C, 1-2-3

Fall has officially hit Flagstaff, which means the colder weather of winter is just around the corner. It’s time to prep your homes for what the weather could be gearing up to throw at us. From getting your fireplaces and chimneys cleaned and ready, your doors and windows insulated and sealed, checking your roof and […]

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