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Demystifying the Marketing Campaign

Now, more than ever, success as a small business owner means being a Jack-of-All-Trades, and a master of each one as well. An increasing number of U.S. businesses operate with no employees – 47 percent more in 2014 than in 1997, according to Harper’s Index, meaning business owners are doing it all themselves. And, while […]

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Return of Premium Life Insurance

Life insurance is meant to provide a source of income for your family or other beneficiary when you die, but there are times when the cost of life insurance seems like a losing bet. Premium payments can be burdensome for whole life coverage (insurance that remains in effect for the insured person’s entire life), especially […]

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Yavapai College, Sedona Cultural Park Finalize Agreement Celebration scheduled for Oct. 14 at YC’s Sedona Center for Arts & Technology

SEDONA — Yavapai College and Sathcupa L.L.C., owner of the Sedona Cultural Park, have completed a land-swap agreement that allows the college to stay in its Sedona Center for Arts & Technology facility located in the Cultural Park. Papers filed with the City of Sedona and Yavapai County show that the two parties traded land […]

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