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Lean Systems Gaining Strength

Writing about the organizational use of Lean necessitates the use of lean principles, since there’s so much to be said about this popular waste reduction and quality improvement system. What do FBN’s readers most want to know about Lean? (or, what is of value to my customer?) How should I cut out unnecessary words (time) […]

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Gov. Deciding Key Component of Obamacare

Many individuals still wonder how healthcare reform will affect them personally. If the legislation remains, Health Benefit Exchanges (called HBEs or Exchanges) will be organizations with the most direct contact with many middle- and low-income consumers, as well as small business owners. Under the current Affordable Care Act (ACA), otherwise known as “Obamacare,” exchanges are […]

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Little America’s Holiday Traditions Going Strong

Little America Hotel in Flagstaff began working on its Christmas spirit back in August, and they are still at it.  For the 18th year in a row, the hotel is hosting a Holiday Lights event that has become a Flagstaff tradition. On Nov. 24, the Saturday after Thanksgiving, a lucky “junior master of ceremonies,” chosen […]

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Businesses Pinning it Down

Since Pinterest launched in September 2010, it has gained over 11 million followers and is currently the fastest growing social networking site. With more visitors than LinkedIn and Google +, some business owners are taking notice. Pinterest is a virtual pin board of images. Users can “pin” images from the web, upload their own images […]

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New Plastic Surgeon Joining PSNA

Plastic Surgeons of Northern Arizona, including Stephen F. Lex M.D. and Jack Quigley M.D., has recently welcomed a new surgeon to its practice. Adam Boettcher, M.D., joined the practice from Grand Rapids, Mich. where he was completing his residency at the Michigan State University combined plastic surgery program – one of the top clinical training […]

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Social Businesses Making a Difference Globally

Ever since Kären van der Veer, ND, was a child, she felt called to help people. That’s part of why this naturopathic physician and single mother of two started Karmalicious, a social business that donates 100 percent of its clothing profits to women’s charities abroad. All Karmalicious clothing carries the motto, “You are beautiful and […]

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Credit Card Costs

Most consumers choose their credit and debit cards for a reason. Some offer free airline miles, other cards add a percentage to a child’s college account or even have cash refunds. But few consumers know why the businesses they frequent accept, or don’t accept, certain credit and debit cards, what card transactions cost the merchant […]

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Telemedicine Expanding in Northern Arizona

Telemedicine, the use of telecommunication to provide healthcare at a distance, is one of the fastest growing areas of medicine in the country, and Arizona is a leader in the nation for the number and variety of national awards for telemedicine programs. Changing economic incentives for care value, rather than volume, are driving more investment […]

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Streaming–A Game Changer

With the popularity of new technologies like e-readers and smartphones, streaming and downloading entertainment is becoming quite common. As a result, retail entertainment businesses in Flagstaff are making some adjustments. Rock-It-Man Rock-It-Man music storeowner Ben Gersten claims the downloading trend has influenced him to stock fewer CDs and bring in more vinyl. “Young adults are […]

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