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Lens Replacement Surgery

What is a Cataract? Our eyes function very much like a camera. You have two natural lenses in your eye. One lens is on the surface (cornea) of your eye, and a second lens is within your eye, called the crystalline lens. Together, these lenses focus images on the back of your eye (retina). At […]

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FIBA Holiday Party

Dec. 9 at the Green Room. FIBA is a voluntary, cooperative effort of independent, local businesses who use education, networking, advocacy and citizen involvement to help our community prosper and contribute to a diverse, healthy and stable economy.

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Antibiotic Resistance-the Future

Headlines regarding antibiotic-resistant infections have become commonplace. Five years ago, my grandfather had a well-performed, routine surgery. He was healing well when a fever and other signs of infection struck. He had a bladder infection. This ordinarily easy to treat infection persisted for several months. Despite many doses of oral and IV antibiotics, his body […]

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Home Values Are Supply and Demand Driven

The historical protocol that real estate agents use to determine the price of your home is a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) and is still used today. The inherent problem with a CMA is that it only takes into consideration the sale of a small sampling of homes in your competitive range, without considering the reason […]

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Tech Talk Tonight

Join Flag Tech Talk for “Our Favorite Tech Tools” tonight at 6:00 at Bookman’s Cafe.   We will show and tell about a number of our favorite apps, websites, devices and programs that can make your tech life more productive.  Photo editing, video editing, task management, password management, screen casting, project management and social media […]

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Leading Your Emotions

In an earlier column, I wrote about emotional contagion (when the emotions of one person influence those of others). At the end of that column, I mentioned that leaders should develop the ability to regulate their emotions, which is this month’s topic. Emotional regulation is the ability to influence what emotions we experience, when we […]

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Business Transforms Taylor House

 With holiday excitement mounting, Christmas Decor, the nation’s leading Christmas lighting and decorating franchise announced the opening of their newest location in Flagstaff. The inimitable company brightens up homes and alleviates any yuletide stress by professionally and safely decorating area homes and businesses, showcasing extravagant holiday displays.   Christmas Decor of Northern Arizona is in the business […]

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Non-Profit Events Generate $73 Million Annually

When we think of independent, locally owned businesses, a lot of images come to mind. We think of the local coffee shop like Toasted Owl cafe, or a jeweler like Gold Wolff Jewelers, or a place like Brandy’s Restaurant. We think of the people we know who run their own business right here in Flagstaff. […]

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What Snowmaking Is All About

In a high desert mountain environment, the art of snowmaking becomes a saving grace, allowing a ski area to provide a consistent winter season and product for guests, businesses and employees. In the West, some 91 percent of winter resorts utilize snowmaking. Besides the 500 winter employees at Arizona Snowbowl, snowmaking also benefits Flagstaff’s winter […]

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Flagstaff Mall Bringing in the New

Many times, Northern Arizona residents feel that they must head south to find what they need for the holidays. Located in our own backyard are a variety of options waiting to be discovered. The Flagstaff Mall and The Marketplace offer everything from electronics and tools to home goods and clothing. You can even take time […]

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