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The Three E Formula

Although we’ve never had more ways to keep in touch than we do today, we live in strangely disconnected times. We spend hours at the computer, skimming our friends’ Facebook pages, but how often do we pick up the phone and call these so-called friends – or better yet, meet them for coffee? What do […]

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Ready, Aim, Reverse

Words are funny. To use them, they have to mean something. But, they often take meaning from the way we use them. Sometimes they change with context. Other times, words seem so stuck to one context that it’s hard to think of them differently. We understand “rational” and “efficient” in limited ways from ideas about […]

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Heart Disease and Sexual Activity

Did you know that sex is generally safe for most heart disease patients, even after a heart attack or major heart surgery? According to the American Heart Association, most patients with stable heart disease can safely engage in sexual activity. Sex is Similar to Moderate Exercise Doctors suggest that when it comes to your heart, […]

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Treating Foot Neuromas

There are multiple types of neuromas, or benign growths of nerve tissue, that can occur within our bodies. In our feet, the most common is called a Morton’s Neuroma and is usually referred to as a pinched nerve. Most of the time this is a beginning tumor that will develop between the third and the […]

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Egypt – the Magic of the Nile

While the fact that Egypt had been in the news ever since the Revolution in January 2011 had me a bit concerned, I jumped at the chance to visit this fascinating country when an opportunity came up last September. I was looking forward to experiencing the sights without the typical hordes of travelers crowding the […]

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Clarifying Expectations Through Contracts

When I was in third grade, a kid attacked my brother because they were negotiating the use of a swing set. I think he attacked him because my brother did not meet his expectations about whose turn it was on the swing. I threw him off my brother and shoved some earth into his mouth. […]

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Collections and Questions About It

One of the common questions in our office is how to pay one’s tax bill. There are several possible answers, but before we can answer, we have to gather some key information. One of the most important questions a tax professional must ask is: how much do you owe? Generally, if a taxpayer owes less […]

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Technology Helping Small Businesses

Today’s rapidly evolving pace of technology has obviously changed the way we send and receive information. As small business owners, trying to keep up can be overwhelming, but we must adjust the way we market to and connect with our customers if we’re going to stay competitive. As a new business owner, I quickly realized […]

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Life Insurance: The Game Has Changed

If you currently have life insurance, you may think that there is no need to review it every year, but if you don’t review your policies, you may be missing out on some big opportunities. Often, people think that there are no options on their policies after they have been issued, but that is far […]

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Painful Great Toe Joint

What Is It Pain and stiffness within the great toe joint can be caused by a number of reasons but the most common is due to overuse of the joint. Over time, the great toe joint becomes achy with limited motion: Hallux Limitus. As this progresses, the joint becomes more stiff and may not move […]

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