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Caring for the Caregiver

Family Caregivers aren’t alone. An estimated 44 million Americans regularly care for an elderly relative or friend, with estimates that as much as 75 percent or more of elder care is provided by informal caregivers. Many caregivers shoulder the responsibility as if they were alone, often not asking for help. As a consequence, they suffer […]

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Hiring a Licensed Contractor Makes Good Sense

“Not a licensed contractor.” You may have seen or heard these words at the end of ads for contracting services. Why would someone add this statement? Because it’s the law. A.R.S. 32-1121A-14(c) requires that the advertising party, if not properly licensed as a contractor, disclose that fact on any form of advertising to the public […]

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Total Disc Replacement in the Lumbar Spine

Lumbar Total Disc Replacement is the next generation in the surgical care of lumbar degenerative disc disease. A lumbar total disc replacement (TDR) is a motion preserving technology now being used by spine surgeons in place of fusion. TDR aims to replace the degenerative disc, which is the pain generator, with a mobile implant, thus […]

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Asking the Important Questions of Your Business

Questions. It’s all about questions. Or, is it? When we work with our clients, we ask them lots of questions. We don’t ask just any question. We ask questions that challenge and provoke thought and help us learn about them; what they like, what motivates them, what they want from their business. We get them […]

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Part II: Coming Out of the Ground

Flagstaff’s Green Builder:  Steps to Building an Energy Star Home This is the second installment in a series chronicling the steps to building an energy efficient home. The articles are based on projects underway in Flagstaff. We are building a house for a professor just north of NAU who has made energy efficiency a priority. […]

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Bike to Work Week Benefits Health and the Economy

As warmer temperatures slowly make their way into Northern Arizona, the frozen roadsides of winter will finish melting away and cyclists will begin the spring ritual of dusting off their bikes and enjoying the roads and trails in and around Flagstaff. In an effort to encourage more citizens to embrace bicycles as transportation during the […]

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For Coffee–Water Makes the Difference

Is your home brewed coffee strangely flavored? Ever question if all coffee made at home tastes this way? If you’ve got fresh beans, a quality brewing system, and a great burr grinder, the answer may be related to…water. Water Flavor There are many varieties of water available. Many spring waters have undesirable tastes, drinking water […]

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MOBs – Investor Interest Increasing

In 2010, Medical Office Buildings (MOB) sales volume increased dramatically to 80 percent over 2009. According to Real Capital Analytics, MOB acquisitions totaled more than $3.1 billion by the last quarter of 2010. In our Southwestern region of the United States, we experienced $75.7 million in transactions in the third quarter of 2010, along with […]

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Pacemakers Improving and Saving Lives

There are areas in the heart called pacemakers that send electrical signals to the rest of the heart, setting the speed or pace of the heartbeat. These pacemakers speed the heart up during exercise or hard work and slow it down again during rest. If natural pacemakers are injured or fail to do their job, […]

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