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Community Kitchen Seeking Support to Feed Homeless

The general population in Flagstaff may not be aware that there is an open food kitchen in downtown Flag, feeding anyone and everyone who is hungry. The Sunshine Rescue Mission serves between 150-300+ meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner to any man, woman or child who is downtown, alone and hungry. Yes, this even […]

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Understanding When and How to Treat Inflammation

It’s drilled into our heads over and over. Inflammation is bad! Take this anti-inflammatory medicine! Inflammation is the enemy! Stop it in its tracks! But, is inflammation always the enemy? Let’s start by talking about the difference between acute and chronic inflammation. Acute inflammation generally happens after an injury and has the symptoms of redness, […]

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Recognizing Bias

We all like to think of ourselves as rational human beings. In reality, every one of us is prone to dozens of biases that make us think and act irrationally. Sometimes, we are aware of our biases; more often, we are not. There is an entire field of study on cognitive biases and human behavior. […]

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DuPrez, Back

Treating the Brain Disease of Addiction

The mere fact that relapse is more common than uncommon sheds light on how difficult it truly is to break addiction. No one enters rehabilitation with the intention to fail; rather, they enter a treatment program hoping in their heart they can stop using for good. The problem with this approach is addiction doesn’t happen […]

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Traci Hansen

Why Print Marketing Matters

Have you ever thought about how often you interact with printing on a daily basis? It’s more than you might realize. From the moment we wake up and throughout our day-to-day activities, print is all around us and influencing our lives in ways that can easily be taken for granted. Whether it’s savoring that first […]

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Corporate Photography by Mark Skalny 

Remodeling Your Home on Any Budget

When it comes to updating your home, the expenses can feel daunting. You may be trying to increase the curb appeal of your home in preparation to sell, or perhaps it’s just time for a new look that you can enjoy for years to come. Regardless, it’s important to make the most of the money […]

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Coral Evans

Bringing People Together to Solve Community Challenges

Hello, Northern Arizona! Well, it looks like fall has arrived, schools are back in session, NAU has started the fall semester, nights are cooling off and soon the leaves will change. This month, I want to talk about how we move forward together. We know that we all want to make sure our communities remain […]

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