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Ten Years of Recovery Through Nature

For 10 years, Back2Basics Outdoor Adventure Recovery has been using the natural environment to help young men recover from addiction. The Flagstaff-based program engages men, ages 18 to 35, in a variety of wilderness experiences that are emotionally and physically safe, combined with more traditional therapies such as process groups and one-on-one counseling with a […]

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Making Friends with Fear, Uncertainty

This year has been one for the record books with chaos, division, fear and uncertainty unlike anything many of us have experienced in our lifetime. Anxiety is best defined as a fear of the unknown. But the unknown is also a collection of infinite possibilities. Choosing to correlate uncertainty with possibility can help us embrace […]

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County Officials Warn: COVID-19 Winter is Coming

The ballots have been cast. They are either already counted, being counted or being recounted. Regardless of the election results, we will all experience the “lame duck” legislative session. As elected officials finish their terms, those not re-elected tend to transition out of office without much legislative action. This will likely result in continued debates […]

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CCC Responding to Industry Needs

Community colleges like CCC are poised to be nimble and quickly respond to industry needs. Here at CCC, we are dedicated to serving the local communities and our labor force by offering courses relevant to current career trends. Here are some highlights:   The Arizona Commerce Authority announced an initiative with Amazon Web Services Inc. […]

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mark love 1

Keeping Skin Hydrated in Winter

Baby, it’s dry outside! Autumn and winter weather can be hard on our skin, but this year, our skin, like our outdoors, is especially dry. Summer tans and glowing skin can begin to fade into a dull, dry complexion. A skincare routine that cleanses, moisturizes and protects your skin, especially those areas that are constantly […]

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Cruises are Back

2020 has been quite the year for many of us. If we ever felt we needed a vacation, now is certainly that time. We understand that not everyone is ready to start traveling today and that many have questions and hesitations, so rest assured, our travel advisors at Avenues of the World Travel are excited […]

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Getting to 2021

In Norway, 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle, there is no sun from late November through January. Yet, there is little incidence of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), which affects almost 10% of people in northern New Hampshire, hundreds of miles to the south. Research indicates that an explanation of happiness in months of darkness […]

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Armando Bernasconi

How Non-Profits and Charitable Giving Changed in 2020

When a 75-foot Norway Spruce was delivered to Rockefeller Center to serve as the complex’s iconic Christmas tree this year, it showed up looking a little worse for wear. It was bedraggled and a bit scraggly. It was shedding its thin needles all over the place. It was described as a really tall Charlie Brown […]

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Karon LynnAudio

What is it Like to Have a Hearing Loss?

As an audiologist, I see hearing-impaired individuals every day. One of the most rewarding activities of my job is to teach the family members what it is like to have a hearing loss and how to better communicate with hearing-impaired people. What Can the Hearing-Impaired Person Hear? I think that understanding what a person really […]

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There is No Place Like Hope for the Holidays

Think of the holiday season. For most people, happy memories and being surrounded by loved ones come to mind. For children in the foster care system, it can be a harsh reminder of what is missing – family. There are more than 13,000 children in Arizona spending the holidays away from their parents and often […]

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