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City Ordinance Changes

I am proposing some changes in City ordinances that will affect your business and your home. I am hoping I will have Council support; we will see.


Sales Tax and Family Leases


If you personally own a building and lease it to your corporation, the City charges you 1.7 percent sales tax. That makes no sense to me. I am proposing a change that exempts family owned corporations or LLCs from paying sales tax on leases with the family.


Sidewalk Repairs


The way the City ordinance now stands, if you own property, you are responsible for the repair of the city sidewalk next to your property – whether you caused the damage or not. You may remember, I litigated this issue to the Arizona Supreme Court – and lost. The court ruled that a city could have such an ordinance. Can you show me any other instance where you have to repair government property that you did not damage?

I am proposing a change to this ordinance that makes a property owner responsible for the sidewalk repairs only if the owner caused the damage.

This ordinance is different from the snow-shoveling ordinance.


City’s Purchasing Process


Several local businesses have asked me about the City’s purchasing process. Why don’t local businesses get the work? How do you find out about what goods or services the City is buying when there is no bid?

I have asked for a work session to review the process and make changes so that all local businesses are aware of City expenditures. If you have the product, you should have a chance at getting some of your tax dollars back.




Do you have some vacant land that you would like to have re-zoned to commercial or industrial? Under the current zoning code, you cannot apply for a change of zoning unless you have a specific user for the property. This keeps you from building a speculative building and slows the process if a proposed buyer or tenant wants your property. I am proposing a change that will allow you to get a zoning change without a specific user. This will make your property easier and quicker to sell or develop and, more importantly, will allow a new business to locate in Flagstaff quicker and easier. FBN


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