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Considering Daily Practice During COVID-19

What a crazy time it is! Some days, I feel emotionally stable, and other days, I feel a little panicked. I also realized the more I watch TV or read the news, the more stressed I become. I am now limiting the amount of TV/news exposure I get and have much less physical tension and emotional stress.

We are all trying to navigate staying healthy with staying sane as we take care of our basic needs. It seems that day to day, things ebb and flow, but try to remember this has happened to society in decades past. It isn’t new to have a virus wreaking havoc on different populations of people. In America, it has been a few generations since experiencing a significant virus; thus, we are not accustomed to the constraints and new behaviors a pandemic imposes on us.

That being said, we are a strong people, we are intelligent people and I think now after the initial shock of learning about this virus and how to “live” with it is over, we are in a position to take back some control of our lives. By following a few logical steps, we are able to reduce our chances of being exposed to any virus or bacteria.

Limit Physical Exposure

At this point, we don’t have to stay in the house all the time but it is prudent to apply logic to our activities. Which activities give you the most benefit: grocery store vs. clothes shopping; going on a walk and meeting friends outdoors or setting up a meeting indoors?


Wash Your Hands

Wash your hands after being out in public or touching surfaces you did not personally clean. This should already be second nature to most of us. Don’t touch a doorknob out in public. Either use a tissue or the bottom of your shirt to grab the door. Hold the pen to sign the credit card charge with a tissue, then immediately toss the tissue into the trash. Consider all surfaces suspicious. I keep hand sanitizer in my car so when I sit down, I use the sanitizer before closing the door or touching the steering wheel. When I enter the house, the first thing I do is wash my hands and declare I am in my safe zone! I think once this becomes the new normal, we will be healthier from all sorts of colds and flu bugs!


Wear a Mask in Public

Please wear a mask when you go out and are around other people. You don’t want to spread any germ accidently. If all of us wear masks when we are around people, then this virus would have to work much harder to invade our bodies. The mask is paramount! But, it must be worn over the nose and mouth. Try it on at home and make certain it stays put while you talk. If it slides down, maybe you have it on upside down. Do you have it tied properly? Does it need a wire to help it sit snugly around your nose? If it does not have one, it is easy to sew one on. You can use a pipe cleaner that is folded over a few times to make it stiffer. There are many ideas for the mask nose, look online. Type in “how to make a mask” and you will see thousands of ideas.

Wash your cloth mask in hot soapy water when you get back to the house. I walk in the door and put my mask in a designated bowl, then put hot water and soap in it. I let it soak (until I remember to take it out) and then rinse it and hang it up to dry. Usually it is dry by morning, so I have a few masks to use while the first is drying. I wear a mask at work all day! Actually, I wear two masks. One is a medical grade mask and then I put a cloth mask on top of that. I find it extremely difficult to breathe and must take deep breaths to compensate, but it is worth it.  Masks are annoying, but I know I am keeping my patients safe from me and when they wear a properly fitted mask, they are taking care of me, too! Win, win. When I see someone wearing a mask out in public, I know that person is being thoughtful of me! FBN


By Karon Lynn, Au.D.

Trinity Hearing Center is located at 1330 N. Rim Dr., Suite B in Flagstaff. For more information, visit TrinityHearing.net.


Karon Lynn is a doctor of audiology with 30 years of experience working with hearing impaired individuals. Dr. Lynn may be reached at 928-522-0500 or at audio@trinityhearing.net.



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