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Creating Balance

Whether someone is facing a career transition, a physical or health condition or a family transition or crisis, Sheryl Dawson, CEO of Dawson Consulting Group, can help navigate through the challenging times.

Her Whole Life Profile is a simple way for people to identify their blind spots, recognize their strengths and weaknesses and find the motivators to help them improve in all areas, including their relationships, careers or spiritual lives.

The process includes taking an assessment online that takes about 45 minutes. Following that is a 90-minute debriefing that helps set goals.

For those who wish, they can take part in a workshop that takes that knowledge a step further.

“It is unique for each person,” Dawson said.

The system is the motivator that helps people make effective changes to move them along in their lives in a positive manner.

Dawson used as an example a woman who was working for someone else but wanted very much to be an employer with a business of her own as an independent contractor.

She was uncomfortable with striking out on her own because security was important to her, but she had solid strengths and a drive to succeed.

Dawson said that after taking the assessment and undergoing the debriefing, she was able to make the transition, start her company and be the boss.

Another example was a woman who recently moved to the area for a job that was exhausting and frustrating.

“She was financially stressed,” she said.

In her situation, it took only a matter of days for her to acquire the tools for a fast financial turn-around.

“She learned that to make progress, she needed to see imbalances in paradoxes,” she said.

“It brings up the concept of pulling yourself up by the boot straps, but it is more complicated than that.”

Dawson, herself, after suffering a health crisis, undergoing surgery and a long recovery, realized she needed to make some real changes in her life if she was to survive and live effectively. She said the assessment helped her understand that stress was her downfall and that she was allowing her business to consume her.

“I realized, ‘Hey. I’m killing myself,’” she said. “I needed to make changes and do something I hadn’t done before.”

When she took the assessment, she learned about her imbalances, one of which was helping others rather than herself.

“I got my revelation. I needed to take steps to take better care of myself.”

Another of her clients was facing a family crisis. She had a daughter who was involved with drugs and she, the grandmother, ended up caring for the grandchildren as a result. While she loved her grandchildren, she had major resentment building, which affected how she dealt with the children and her daughter.

She wanted to make changes, and after the workshop, she was able to maintain a balance by setting boundaries and learning a new way to communicate with both the children and her daughter so that the burden of responsibility did not fall completely on her shoulders.

Dawson said the workshop is perfect for couples as well.

“When couples go through it together, they support each other more effectively when they learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses.”

For instance, if one person in the couple is better with numbers and money, it helps the weaker one hand over the checkbook peacefully and concentrate on areas in which they excel over their partner.

Those who have taken the workshop cannot say enough about it.

“The workshop significantly enhances the Whole Life Profile debrief experience through an exploration of paradox imbalances and how they affect life,” said Roberta Cohen of Houston.

Alan and Laura Black, life, health and marriage coaches, have faith in the program. “We are confident both individuals and couples can greatly benefit from the transformational Whole Life Profile and Workshop. The WLP in-depth understanding of all five life dimensions and how they impact each other enables focused development with effective strategies to achieve balance and enhance personal and relational satisfaction.”

Another workshop is scheduled for Sept. 21 at the Eastside Flagstaff Athletic Club.

Afterward, participants can expect to have gained greater insight into making their life and career more manageable, and to improve relationships and achieve happiness.

The cost of the assessment and debriefing is $350. The workshop has an additional fee.

For more information, visit http://www.wlpregister.com/ or to register, call Dawson at 281 – 451 – 4244. FBN


By Patty McCormac, FBN


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  1. Barbara Windes August 5, 2019 at 7:53 PM #

    I took the Life Assesment Profile and found it to be most enlightening.
    I was surprised at the depth of information I found about myself, showing my strengths and weak areas.
    This assessment would be a great help to those undecided about life careers.

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