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Credit Union Becomes OneAZ

Arizona State Credit Union logoArizona State Credit Union is charting an ambitious course for the future, with plans to double its assets in the next five years. Plans include a name change to OneAZ to clear up confusion about who the organization is and what it does. Goals include enhancing online and personal service for members.

“We are a strong financial institution with a 65-year legacy of making a positive difference in the lives of our members, associates and communities, yet we suffered from brand confusion,” said David Sweiderk, COO of the company. “The timing was right for us to adopt a new name that embodies who we are and the way we approach our business.”

The name, OneAZ Credit Union, is designed to set the financial institution apart from state agencies and other businesses with similar names. Company officials say they are striving to change the perceptions about credit unions.

Credit union help their members finance a new car, buy a house, plan retirement and pay for college. OneAZ officials say they work closely with NAU faculty, staff, and students .

“The change underscores the financial institution’s commitment to the individual behind every transaction,” Sweiderk said.

This fall, OneAZ will open new branches in Sedona and Scottsdale, he says.

Additionally, OneAZ will continue to focus on delivering stellar service at all branches. Customers can expect to be greeted when they walk in and ushered to a representative who can help them.

They are also working on implementing a new telephony platform which will make it easier for a member to navigate the system.

Company officials say one of the benefits of being an OneAZ member is that credit union associates live in the community and have local decision-making authority on loans and other financial matters.

“Our members are the owners, so we work in their best interest,” he said.

OneAZ officials say they will continue their emphasis on community.

“As part of its growth and development, OneAZ’s Community Foundation will play an important role in providing much-needed funding to non-profit and community organizations,” said Deborah Pearson, executive vice president of strategy and brand.

The OneAZ foundation was launched three years ago and will contribute $2,500 to charitable causes through each of its 20 branches, amounting to $50,000.

“It’s a way to make an impact on the community we serve,” Pearson said.

The credit union has been around since 1951, has 135,000 members and $1.8 billion in assets.

By Patty McCormac, FBN


OneAZ is based in Phoenix with 20 branches in Arizona. For more information, call 844- 663-2928.




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