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Dealing with Fear and the Invisible Enemy

Everyone can visualize a spider: hairy or shiny, eight legs, eight eyes, might seem so large up close, still and waiting, or moving so fast – seemingly right toward you – fangs? Or, maybe you can visualize a snake: bright and colorful or dull and dusty, still and coiled or slithering, scaly, beady, unblinking eyes, big fangs, flicking tongue. Perhaps you can visualize sharks: they are down there, below the surface, just waiting to attack; rows and rows of triangle, razor teeth. You may be able to visualize zombies: decaying, relentless, lurching, dead eyes, hands outstretched, fixated on one thing only: human flesh. How about visualizing aliens of all descriptions with evil intent? They could be any number of demented beings with masks, or not, chainsaws or other instruments of dismemberment and death.

There are so many dangers from fiction or experience that are so easy to visualize.

Then, there are viruses. Absolutely silent, unable to move or reproduce on their own. They don’t think or eat. They are odorless, invisible even to the light microscopes (the ones from high school biology). Viruses are so small they can only be seen with electron microscopes; they don’t even have color.

All those brilliantly colored illustrations are imaginary. About 1/1,000 the width of a human hair, viruses are totally undetectable to human senses. How scary! They could be anywhere and everywhere.

What do you do?

For a sense of control, do what can be done: wash your hands, use a mask, practice physical distancing, eat healthy and get enough sleep.

For peace of mind, turn the mind off. At least parts of the mind. Imagination, which is the engine of anything that humans have ever created, can be the enemy of peace. Limit the amount of news you consume about COVID-19. Avoid watching or listening to talk shows or press conferences. Read a few reliable sources. Stop when the information becomes repetitive. Rather, listen to uplifting music or informative podcasts. Watch positive, mind-challenging shows, or read. Connect with other humans in whatever ways are safe. Move your body. Remember a time of isolation. Remember when it ended and life returned to normal; recall all the details. Bring that feeling to now and project it into the future. Use the power of the imagination for peace of mind. FBN

By Don Berlyn

For more information on becoming more positive, recovering goals or anything related to using the power of the mind contact Don Berlyn at 928-699-8263, flaghypno@gmail.com or FlagstaffHypnotherapy.com. Consultations are always free!



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