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Encouraging Tourism, Supporting Wild Places

Arizona’s travel and tourism industry is currently one of the state’s most lucrative statewide businesses and is the No. 1 economic driver in our community. Flagstaff tourism supports an estimated 8,000 jobs generating $500 million for the local economy. According to the Arizona Office of Tourism Economic Impact Study, tourism provides economic stability to the community with an annual real tax savings of approximately $1,360 per household.

The City of Flagstaff destination marketing organization, Discover Flagstaff, strives for a balance between the visitor experience and quality of life for residents. This marketing team manages sustainable eco-tourism messages that encourage visitors to stay and play responsibly while providing exceptional visitor services and quality support to educate, inspire and motivate travel to Northern Arizona.

As the city’s economic engine providing many local services, residents are encouraged to be friendly with visitors and connect with them in the moment. Visitors aren’t looking for a vacation but rather searching for authentic local experiences. Many visitors rely on locals for information and sharing the community with our out-of-town guests benefits all of us by supporting Bed, Board and Beverage (BBB) funds. And, did you know that the Flagstaff Visitor Center is also an excellent resource for referring visitors to meet well-informed staff for detailed Flagstaff information, maps and suggestions?

Sustainable tourism is key to our community. Recently, Discover Flagstaff joined forces with the mountain towns of Bend, Oregon, South Lake Tahoe, California, Bozeman, Montana, and Steamboat Springs, Colorado to encourage responsible resource use. Pledge for the Wild supports efforts to keep our wild places wild. The simple action of texting a donation to 44321 with the message Wild4Flag directly benefits the Flagstaff Trails Initiative. Here’s how it works: Once a visitor is inspired by hiking, biking or enjoying a field of flowers in Flagstaff’s natural beauty, he or she may wish to text a donation and might encourage others to do the same. Working together, the idea is to keep Flagstaff’s wild places special as a destination for all to experience the outdoors and Pledge for the Wild. Flagstaff tourism is incredibly important to our local economy, and with Pledge for the Wild, visitors and residents can help sustain Flagstaff’s scenic environment for generations. FBN

By Meg Roederer

Meg Roederer is the Communications Specialist for Discover Flagstaff.

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