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Engaging in Community Service Aids in Recovery

In his book, “Boys Adrift,” Dr. Leonard Sax explains men need to be responsible, because if men are not needed, they do not flourish. Furthermore, according to organizational psychologist Benjamin P. Hardy, men actually step down if they are not needed. For example, when expectations are low, you will find young men demonstrating behaviors like remaining in their parents’ homes longer into adulthood and failing to thrive overall.

Back2Basics believes addiction takes away and recovery gives back and makes amends. Apologizing through one’s actions ignites an essential process of introspection, the settling of past debts that were unhealthy and harmful. This is the work that gets a resident to be in his frontal cortex, where higher forms of neurological activity exist. Giving back to others is ultimately a gift to one’s self and that process begins with a very important and necessary step in the recovery process: being remorseful.

Part of gaining the perspective needed to begin this process and reintegration into society is service work. Young men are encouraged to heal their addiction by successfully engaging in the world around them regularly investing their time into a significant community project, such as volunteering at a local food bank or a wilderness cleanup. Doing something positive for the community helps change the chemistry of the brain. It gets them outside of themselves, where valuable perspective can be gained.

Volunteering to help others is a component of preparing for lifelong sobriety, because developing inner resources and emotional maturity are key in preventing depression, anxiety and a regression to substance abuse. People who experience successful recovery have many things in common. They never forget what they’ve been through and wisely bolster what they’ve learned with after-care programs, support groups, continuing therapy, healthy habits and coping skill application to maintain their resilience, achievement and long-term sobriety. FBN

By Roy DuPrez M.Ed.

Back2Basics Outdoor Adventure Recovery combines residential therapeutic counseling with experiential outdoor adventures to treat individuals with substance and alcohol addiction and lead them through rehab and recovery into long-term sober living. The program is highlighted by spending time in the beautiful serene wilderness where individuals are physically challenged, their minds are cleared and they learn ways to defeat old addictive thinking patterns through various outdoor adventures.


Back2Basics is an adventure recovery program, up to six months, for young adult males from 18-30 with substance abuse issues looking for a positive and meaningful life.


Back2Basics is an Arizona state licensed and Joint Commission nationally accredited treatment center offering up to six-months of daily programming.


Now accepting most medical insurance.

For more information, visit back2basicsoutdooradventures.com.



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