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Enjoy Life–Drink Fresh Coffee

Through the trials of life and periods where our steps seem to be going backwards, a little something to inspire and prod us ahead cannot be underestimated. Enjoying a good cup of fresh coffee helps remind us to stop…breath…love…and live!


Coffee Boost

While caffeine alone can boost the mood and energy levels, the heady aroma of freshly roasted beans, the sound, smell, and warmth of just ground coffee and the dripping of the brew all contribute to the senses being energized.


Coffee Bean

To get the most enjoyment from the coffee bean, it is imperative that the beans are fresh! Caffeine and flavor degrade as beans age, so buy beans that have the roast date clearly indicated on the packaging. Avoid buying beans with “best by” dates, as they are often already months old. To be considered “fresh,” the coffee beans should be less than three weeks old.

Coffee Buying

Local roasters generally have fresh roasted beans available for sale to the public. Sometimes a discount is available for buying off the shelf. For customers seeking the freshest coffee possible, custom roasts are available with a minimum two pound purchase and are picked up or shipped one to two business days after roasting. Now that’s fresh! FBN


For more information on coffee, buying coffee, and coffee brewing, please visit www.itsaboutcoffee.com or call 928-779-1053.


Anne Swanson is co-owner of It’s About Coffee: Roastery and Coffee Bar located at 1000 E Butler Ave. Open Mon-Sat: 6:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Over 20 varieties of single origin coffee beans available, including fair trade organic, swiss water process decafs, 100% Kona, and 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain; all locally roasted and roast dated.




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