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Exploring in 2020 and Beyond

As we saw 2019 to be a strong travel year, sights are set for 2020, 2021 and even 2022. Demand has been very high, triggering the need to make reservations even earlier. That ideal hotel room and its location, the exact suite aboard the cruise ship, river cruise vessels or yachts, and the adventure-seeker’s experience all require early bookings. Benefits include best rates and availability, lower cost on travel insurance and more amenities, to name a few.

A number of cruise lines have come out with new ships that are sailing into different regions of the world and are offering new, fresh and exciting itineraries. With the added “hardware,” more opportunities for new and different destinations are increasing and, over the course of the next few years, this will certainly help for off-the-beaten path types of travel.

We’ve seen demand for the Northwest Passage, for instance, to be very high, but simply not enough for cruise lines to sail there, yet. It is also a commitment by the cruise lines and requires special equipment to sail. Furthermore, a cruise through the inlands of Patagonia is increasingly popular and requires ships that are capable of doing so as well. The beauty of a cruise is the opportunity to experience various places and gourmet food while unpacking only once.

Land vacations as a self-drive or train option with apartment rentals all around the world and some off-the-beaten path places have become very popular. The idea of having your home away from home for a week or so is very appealing to a lot of travelers and requires an early booking for the right apartment. This will allow you to partake in local life as it happens wherever you’d like to spend your vacation.

Guided vacations have also seen a tremendous boom as the experiences really cater toward immersion of local culture and spending more personal time in the destination. Being able to see how an Italian chef prepares pasta from grandma’s recipe lets you have a hands-on experience and is simply one example of how fun these trips truly are. Furthermore, being able to visit a local farmer or wine grower enhances the pasta lessons even more, all the while having an English-speaking guide at your side – so you won’t miss a thing.

Active adventure travel requires the longest booking window, as those trips are filled very quickly. Some of our partners are actively booking 2021, as certain departures for 2020 sold out about three months ago. The nature of these trips are small groups – often friends and families – that are enjoying the great outdoors. Think about zip lining in Costa Rica, mountain hut-to-hut hikes in the Swiss Alps, a safari in the southern part of Australia, skiing in South America, hiking the Inca Trail as well as watching the northern lights in either Alaska, Canada or northern Europe. These experiences are very intimate and usually have a maximum of 12-14 people in a group. Although it is called Adventure Travel, you don’t have to sacrifice the luxury of a hotel bed by sleeping on the ground or in a tent. That is still available, though, should that be your cup of tea. Or, we’ll be able to book you into a beautiful lodge with exquisite food, running water and possibly a fireplace in the main lobby.

So, what are some of the destinations to consider? Here are a few on our radar:


Kaikoura, New Zealand
New Zealand’s hub for marine wildlife. Great rail, dining and lodge experiences.

Magnificent desert scenery. Africa’s tallest sand dunes. Very different safaris.

Royal yachts. Misty highlands. Whales and falcons. Castle stays.

New luxury and intimate resorts. History, culture and outdoor pursuits.

A small, natural wonderland. Endless adventure options. Excellent food and wine.

Ancient cities. New desert trails. The Dead Sea. A living, breathing history.

Hokkaido Island, Japan
Japan’s best kept secret. World-class hikes. Hot springs. Sapporo’s Snow.

A rich cultural heritage. Memorable experiences and places to stay. New resorts.

2021 River Cruises With new itineraries

Private Jet Tours and World Cruises


I encourage you to work with your professional travel advisor, as we have first-hand knowledge of destinations, cruise lines, river cruise companies and adventure experiences. As it is our passion to make your vacation an experience and find the exact fit for your travels, we’d be delighted to assist you, so do call on us! FBN

By Yves Leuenberger

Yves Leuenberger is co-owner of Avenues of the World Travel in Flagstaff. For questions please reach out via 928-556-0853 or yves@avenuesoftheworld.com.



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