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Finding the Right Wireless

These days, there are a lot of different choices on how to access the Internet. Here in the northland, you have the choice to use landline/DSL, which has been around for a number of years, or wireless access that has become available over the past five to seven years. Many new mobile options have come about and now provide speeds that rival the traditional landline service, which over the past five years has seen major improvements in quality. When it comes to choosing the right fit for your home or business, make sure to do your research and, most importantly, understand your Internet needs before signing a contract of any sort.

In my opinion, the first question that you have to ask yourself is “Am I going to need mobility as an option?” These days, WiFi access is growing and the ability to find WiFi while traveling is not the issue it once was. However, WiFi hotspots that do not require a fee to access the Internet have become increasingly limited. With more and more people each day using the web for multiple activities, limits on bandwidth across the country drive up prices and force companies or establishments to cut back on free offered WiFi. $12.95 a day was the last price quote I received while traveling at the hotel where I was staying. If you are on the road for business, a mobile hotspot through your smartphone or MiFi device (which usually runs $20 to $80 a month to start, with a two-year commitment) can save you a bunch of money and time. The convenience of quick access is what I admire most; not having to get a password from the front desk can save you a headache.

If you are not a business traveler, make sure you shop around for the best rate for your office usage, too. There is finally competition in the northland, which allows people to compare. Make sure you are aware of data usage restrictions. Unlimited access is starting to go away because of bandwidth constrictions across the country. If an Internet provider offers unlimited access and it is affordable, jump on it!

As always, talk to a trusted local professional, ask your friends and neighbors, and don’t be afraid to ask providers questions about their service and have them demonstrate it for you before you sign up. Access to the landline and wireless Internet can be convenient and affordable now in Northern Arizona. Stop pulling your hair out, take your time, shop around for the best fit and get surfing! FBN

Zach Ellman is owner of Just Wireless in Flagstaff.

112 E Route 66 # 100  Flagstaff, AZ 86001
(928) 226-7460

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