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Flagstaff Leadership Program

Mar 12, 2015

Join Flagstaff Leadership Program in “An Evening With Dr. Loretta Mayer,” founder of SenesTech, a company applying science and technology to solve global problems such as animal pest control. Loretta is a dynamic and engaging speaker and a popular presenter at Leadership Science Education Days.


This free event is Thursday, March 12 in the City Council Chambers, 211 W. Aspen Avenue, at 5:30 pm. Information will be available about applying for the Flagstaff Leadership Program, with applications for next year’s class due April 10, 2015.

FLP alumni are encouraged to attend for a brief “check-in” as the organization celebrates its 25th anniversary.


The Flagstaff Leadership Program, honored as the Arizona Daily Sun 2015 “Organization of the Year” is a non-profit organization dedicated to leadership development within our community. Celebrating its 25th year, FLP brings together leaders from business, government and the nonprofit sector who share their commitment to Flagstaff. FLP accepts an annual class of 25 applicants who meet monthly to connect with community leaders and learn what makes Flagstaff tick. FLP’s alumni number 600, including non-profit board members, past and present city and county leaders, and a member of Congress.


For more information about FLP and application for the 2015-2016 class, visit http://flagstaffleadershipprogram.com/




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