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Governor Tells Agencies to Prepare for Federal Shutdown

Governor Jan Brewer has asked her state agencies to prepare for a possible shutdown of the federal government beginning Saturday, April 9.

This shutdown would impact non-essential federal programs, facilities and properties. Operations of the military, postal service, air traffic control, border patrol and other essential federal services would continue.

Governor Brewer called state agency directors into a special meeting Thursday afternoon to discuss contingency plans in the event of a shutdown. The good news is that most state agencies with federally-supported programs and services can manage their way through a shutdown with minimal public impact – at least for a limited period of time.

The Department of Economic Security (DES) is the state agency with the largest number of federal programs. Should a federal shutdown occur, DES can manage operations without significant impact to services and staff as long as the shutdown doesn’t last more than a few weeks. State Unemployment Insurance Administration will continue to function as usual, with individuals able to file claims and receive benefit payments.

Federal forests and parks, such as Grand Canyon National Park, would close if there is a federal shutdown. The State of Arizona does not have the fiscal resources to maintain operation of these and other federal facilities.


The Governor’s Office is closely monitoring the budget situation in Washington, D.C., and awaiting word of possible additional implications of a federal shutdown. As those details become available, state agencies will notify the public of the impacts upon specific state programs and services.



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