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Hiring a Professional Janitorial Service is Good for Business

We are excited when we add a new client, business, school, doctor’s office or manufacturer to our roster of clients. We know that we are helping that company to be its best. While talking to business owners, we often hear, “We do the cleaning ourselves” or, “The employees take turns doing the cleaning of the office.” We are often given “reasons” why companies do not need a professional janitorial service. I’d like to take a minute to look at the reasons why they should. It may seem financially beneficial to multitask and take care of the company’s cleaning needs in house, but there are many reasons to re-think this strategy, and determine whether is it actually helping in the long run. Here are some thoughts:

EXPERTISE – A professional janitorial company has trained individuals that understand the job. They know what to look for and how to take care of it. A good cleaning company has training programs and standards by which the cleaning staff must adhere. It has years of experience and knows what needs to be done to keep things in tip top shape.

EQUIPMENT – The cost and maintenance of cleaning equipment can add up quickly. All equipment needs to be maintained and properly used to receive the maximum benefit. Professional janitorial services will often supply all the cleaning equipment needed for the job. This allows the client company to spend less time and money on purchasing and maintaining supplies and equipment not directly related to their product or service.

CONVENIENCE – Janitorial service is usually done outside of regular business hours, so the employees, management and the company’s customers can enjoy a clean environment that feels almost like magic. How nice it is to come to work and have everything already done and ready for the day, without having to take time away from what the company actually does. The old adage “time is money” is right on point in this scenario.

SAFETY AND HEALTH – Sick days cost businesses more than $225 billion each year and result in a 54 percent loss in productivity. It should go without saying that a clean environment is a safe environment and contributes to the good health of those who work there. Regularly cleaned restrooms, break rooms and work spaces are essential to productivity.

EMPLOYEE APPRECIATION AND MORALE – Happy employees are the heart of business. A work environment that is not maintained promotes negativity and feeds the notion that the owners or management does not appreciate the employees. It is in the best interest of a company to provide a clean work place, therefore promoting productivity and a general sense of wellbeing while at work.

The business community in the Quad Cities area is strong, and so important to our economy. We are committed to serving the community businesses and industries and helping them to be their best. QCBN

By Lucy Leyva

Lucy Leyva is the proud owner of MTO Janitorial LLC, and Prescott Maid to Order LLC, both local cleaning companies based out of Prescott Valley Arizona, serving Northern Arizona since 2005. For any cleaning inquiry please contact us by phone at 928-772-0004 and/or visit our website at mtojanitorial.com.






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