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Incorporating Techniques to Help Right Now

It’s all in the mind!” Well, maybe not everything, but perhaps this is true for much of what makes life positive or negative.

In this time of confusion, worry and stress, it is easy to imagine the worst possible outcome. The conscious mind goes there and the subconscious follows with emotional and physical effects.

Likewise, there are negative memories that can be revisited and reexperienced with all the emotions and physical sensations. The more a memory is practiced, the stronger it gets. Awareness is a key to feeling better. The first step is noticing negative feelings based on the future or past. The next step is returning to the present moment. The classic method is to focus on the breath. This works well if a person is not concerned about breathing.

Here are other techniques that can work just as well.

Closing the eyes, then noticing each sound in the environment, including music, in the moment.

Watching nature, a campfire or fireplace, the ocean, waterfall or river and the classic fish tank or Koi pond.

Use aromatherapy, either prepared scents or those found in nature.

Playing/interacting with a pet.

Receiving body work/massage.

Noticing all the qualities of food or drink, just like a gourmet.

Once the mind is in the present, a sense of calm can be obtained. From the calm present, logical planning or envisioning a positive future can take place.

Traveling into the past can be useful too. Find a positive memory, perhaps one in which a challenge was overcome, or when a difficult time led to a better one.

Hypnotherapy and related techniques work to help people improve their lives using the power of their minds. Common uses are becoming smoke free, adopting healthy habits, achieving almost any kind of goals, relieving pain, decreasing blood pressure, overcoming a test, social and public speaking anxiety, phobias, increasing confidence and many other issues.

Behind many complaints is stress and anxiety, either general or specific. The techniques above can be part of any session. Sessions can take place in person, online or by phone. FBN

By Don Beryln

For more information on becoming more positive, recovering goals or anything related to using the power of the mind contact Don Berlyn at 928-699-8263, flaghypno@gmail.com or FlagstaffHypnotherapy.com. Consultations are always free!



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