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Landscape Hotel Designed to Float Among the Red Rocks

North America’s first “landscape hotel” is now underway with site work and construction amidst the red rocks of Sedona, offering a new way for travelers to embrace sustainable tourism in scenic Northern Arizona.

A groundbreaking ceremony last month by Sedona-based developer Two Sister Bosses and the City of Sedona has set the stage for Ambiente to take shape. Plans for the hotel feature 40 cube-shaped, luxury guest Atriums elevated above the ground by steel piers and encased in bronze glass to give the appearance that the structures are floating. Ambiente aligns with the philosophy and design principles similar to the handful of landscape hotels that exist around the world, focused on a deep respect for the environment, sustainable methods and organic, modern architecture that complements the surrounding topography.

Two Sister Bosses is a sister-owned and operated luxury hotel development and management company aiming to create one-of-a-kind experiences that are in harmony with the natural environment. Two Sister founders and Sedona natives Jennifer May and Colleen Tebrake say the company is committed to the principles of sustainable tourism and bringing new and exciting experiences to the community.

“The focus of a landscape hotel from an architectural standpoint is to allow the natural surroundings to speak for themselves,” said May. “The challenge at hand is how we are going to do this in the most efficient way possible with as little development as possible. With the site being as vegetative as it is, the Atriums will blend into the forest and offer the optical illusion that they are barely there, so guests focus their attention on the trees, bushes, flowers and Sedona vistas.”

Two Sister Bosses is the new generation of a Sedona family’s development company that has operated in Northern Arizona for nearly 35 years.

Ambiente will begin taking reservations in September 2020 for December 2020 stays. For more information, visit AmbienteSedona.com. FBN

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