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Maintaining the Summer Glow in Winter

With winter upon us, summer tans and glowing skin can begin to fade into a dull, dry complexion. Maintaining that glowing skin in the cooler season is possible with these four steps:



Hydration is key when it comes to glowing skin. Clinical professor of plastic surgery at the University of Chicago Julius Few explains that when skin is kept hydrated, it’s less likely to crack and let in external elements that cause blemishes. Also, the more water you drink, the more blood flow goes to your skin producing cell turnover, which in turn produces radiant skin. Water has all-around fantastic benefits, and skin looking healthy is one huge benefit.



Yes, sunscreen is even important when it’s dark and snowy outside, especially if you are heading to the slopes. Snow and ice reflect UV rays. The ozone is also thinner in the winter, which means there is less ozone in the atmosphere to absorb the sun’s UV rays. So, while sunscreen may seem unnecessary during the winter, the sun’s rays are more harmful in the winter than the summer.



Using a humidifier at night is one of the best things you can do for your skin while you sleep. While the cold air dehydrates skin, humidifiers pump moisture back into the air and back into your skin. It will also help your moisturizer penetrate deeper into your skin, allowing for more supple skin when you wake up.



With UV rays and lack of humidity in the air, our skin can take a beating during the winter. While we should be cleaning our skin every morning and night, getting a monthly facial can allow for a deeper clean that we could not obtain on our own. Facials also improve circulation, which stimulates our skin’s renewal, keeping our skin looking younger and feeling smoother. Massage Envy now offers five custom facials for improving the health and appearance of your skin with a personalized treatment to leave you rejuvenated and protected. FBN

By Mark Love
For additional information or to schedule an appointment with a massage therapist or esthetician, visit massageenvy.com, call 928-526-ENVY (3689), or visit one of Arizona’s 39 Massage Envy locations. The Flagstaff location is at 1235 S. Plaza Way in the University Plaza Shopping Center, off Milton Road next to Ross and Safeway.


Mark Love is co-owner of Massage Envy Arizona. For more information on the benefits of massage, visit MassageEnvy.com.



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One Response to Maintaining the Summer Glow in Winter

  1. Block Island Organics December 17, 2016 at 6:46 PM #

    Love the sunscreen recommendation! It’s so important to use year-round in order to keep skin healthy.

    Here are a few things to look for no matter what brand you choose:

    1) SPF 30 or greater

    2) “Broad Spectrum” on the label. This means you’ll get UVB and UVA protection. If it doesn’t say broad spectrum, you are only getting UVB coverage.

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