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Making Your Home Energy Efficient

HouseSaving money and energy at home is an endeavor that pays off; it saves your pocket money and reduces the country’s dependence on imported nonrenewable energy resources. Most homes use energy inefficiently, adding extra dollars to the monthly bills. You may opt to make minor changes or more elaborate updates to your home; either way, your bills will immediately reflect your hard work.

First, it is important to identify the areas in your home that use energy and leak energy. Inspect areas like windows, ducts, old appliances, inefficient heating and cooling systems, lighting systems and roofing. You may take a whole-house approach or the essentials approach; both strategies will bring you noticeable results.

If you decide to tackle the areas of highest energy consumption, a whole-house approach – adding insulation and sealing all orifices of a home – is the first step. Make sure the energy that is used in your home is not leaking. Leaked energy makes your home use more energy, wastes nonrenewable energy and makes you spend an incredible amount of money. Forget about light bulbs, use natural light and introduce skylights into your home. Install supplemental heating sources; wood stoves and fireplaces. Water heating is the second largest energy consumer in the home; try installing solar hot water heaters and use the energy of the sun at no continuous cost. An energy conscious home will always have greater value on the market.

If you take the essentials approach, be sure to start by replacing regular light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL) or LED lights. Install a programmable thermostat to manage heating and cooling systems. Purchase ENERGY STAR labels on home appliances, electronics, and other products. Use low-flow fixtures for faucets, showerheads, and toilets.

Having an energy efficient home is the direction government regulations are taking as well as the entire construction industry. Save money, add value to your home and use fewer non-environmentally friendly energy sources by reducing your energy use.

By Mike Brackin

HomCo Lumber & Hardware is Northern Arizona’s leading authority on the home improvement industry. Mike Brackin continues to carry on a legacy of expert knowledge, outstanding customer service and ever improving specialized services and departments. From professional contractor sales to retail products and services, HomCo Lumber & Hardware has solutions for your homebuilding, remodeling and repair needs. Located at 1763 E. Butler Ave., in Flagstaff. For more information, call (928) 779 6111.

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