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Mingus Cremation for Pets To Open in April

Mingus Cremation for PetsA pet is considered by many to be another member of the family. And very few things are as challenging as the death of a family pet that has been with you through thick and thin and the ups and downs of life.

To help people with a pet’s final arrangements, Mingus Cremation for Pets is set to open in April and will provide full-service pet cremation to residents of the Verde Valley.

The motto of the new business is, “Trusted care for companion pets,” and it is a motto that manager/operator Ben Staples takes seriously.

“It’s important to pet owners that their pets are safe and taken care of,” Staples said. “I am dedicated to providing dignified and reputable final care for your companion pet.”

Staples, who has been in the business for three years, learned the trade from Russell Mann of Ponderosa Pet Crematory and Memorials in Flagstaff. Mann and Staples discussed the creation of another separate business to serve the residents of the Verde Valley because the need was there, and the idea for Mingus Cremation for Pets was born. Although Mann is involved with both businesses, and the business models of “compassionate care” are the same, the businesses are separate entities.


Specialized Service

Staples says that Mingus will serve the Verde Valley, Sedona, Cottonwood and Payson. Mingus Cremation for Pets will be available to pick up pet remains directly from the home or the family’s veterinary clinic, but additional costs will apply if pick-up services fall outside of normal business hours. The business has already built a relationship with a number of veterinary clinics in the Verde Valley and Sedona, and will be meeting with others in the near future.

“Mingus offers cremation services for dogs, cats and other animals up to 200 pounds. Pets can either be cremated individually or communally; the difference being whether the pet owner wants the cremated remains returned or not. Ashes for communal cremations are spread in a natural setting. Ashes for individual cremations are certified as those of their pet and their pet only,” Staples said.

As an example, an individual cremation of a pet that weighs between 50 and 100 pounds is $150. Rush cremations, with remains returned in 24 hours, are also available for an additional fee. Also, when scheduling allows a “witness cremation” can be arranged, where pet owners may be present for the cremation of their pet. A complimentary urn is included, or the owner may purchase an upgrade or provide their own.

“Cremation of a companion pet is a service that responds to the tenderness of your grief and the respect you have for your pet’s life,” Staples said.


Dedication to Excellence

Like Ponderosa Pet Crematory and Memorials in Flagstaff, Staples said dedication to excellence in service will also be the number one priority for Mingus.

According to the Mingus website, pet owners can expect:

  • Remains to be handled promptly by a local, caring provider.
  • Remains to be transported in a dedicated, professional vehicle and to receive individual, personal attention.
  • Remains to be available in four business days after retrieval from your veterinary clinic or home.
  • Remains to be received are those of your pet, ensured through a double-tagging system that documents chain of custody.
  • Remains receive the highest level of service, not just the cheapest option.

Like Mann, Staples has owned pets and understands the grief that accompanies the loss of a pet.

Staples echoes Mann’s thoughts, “If you are in need of my services, I understand the sorrow you are experiencing. I can’t heal your broken heart, but I can help at this moment when you are in greatest need.”

Staples even relocated with his family to the Verde Valley in order to maximize that excellence in service.

The focus for the new business in the near future will be to provide the best service possible and become a familiar, trusted name to people in the Verde Valley, Staples said.

Mingus Cremation for Pets is still under construction, complete with new equipment, and the opening is slated for April, Staples says. There will be an open house scheduled at a later date, when remodeling is complete. FBN

By Raylan Hughes

Mingus Cremation for Pets is located at 741 Airpark Way, Suite No. 1, Cottonwood, AZ 86326. 928-852-0353. For more information, visit www.minguscremation.com.

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