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New Police Online Services Focus on Safety and Efficiency

The crime rate is lower in Flagstaff today than when I was first elected in 2008. That is because your public safety is my number one priority. A safe community is a productive and stable community. One of the strongest assets in Flagstaff is our City Police Department. Recently, the City Council approved an efficient new program to save you time, money and resources.

In order to enhance its service to the community, while maximizing the efficient use of resources, the Flagstaff Police Department has coordinated with an organization called Coplogic, Inc. to allow citizens to file certain police reports online via the Internet.

In addition to being able to search local crime statistics and purchase police reports online, citizens are now able to file some types of minor incident and crime reports online.

This new service provides citizens with yet another option that may better suit their needs and busy schedules. The previous options of having an officer respond or filing a report over the telephone are still available – and of course officers are still responding to all serious or in progress crimes as well as traffic collisions.

Because of the serious nature of felony offenses or crimes of domestic violence and the need for immediate response and investigation, these types of crimes cannot be reported through the new online system. Furthermore, any crime where a suspect has been identified or where a crime scene or evidence needs to be processed cannot be filed through Coplogic on the Police Department website.

Citizens may access the online police reports system by going to the Flagstaff Police Department webpage on the City of Flagstaff website. Typing “Flagstaff Police Department” into your web browser will take you to a link for this webpage, or you can type in the URL: http://www.flagstaff.az.gov/Police. The online reporting link to Coplogic can be found on the PD home page.

There are also two additional online services available from the police department website. Citizens can access the latest information regarding crime statistics by going to CrimeReports.com, or they can purchase many of our police reports by going to the PoliceReports. us website. A link to both of these services is provided on the PD’s webpage under Online Services.

Since the Police Department launched this new online service, numerous reports have been filed online, and thousands of people have taken advantage of purchasing police reports and finding local crime statistics.

I hope you will join me as I applaud Flagstaff Police Chief Brent Cooper and our officers and city staff for their excellent service to our community.

Here’s to a happy and safe New Year! FBN

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