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On the Grid: Training Astronauts in Flagstaff for Moon, Mars Missions

Training Astronauts in Flagstaff for Moon, Mars Missions

On the Grid with Bonnie Stevens

History is repeating itself as the latest space exploration candidates are following in the Apollo astronauts’ footsteps across Northern Arizona. USGS research geologist Lauren Edgar, Ph.D., is training the astronauts in geology on the same rocky terrain around Flagstaff–such as the San Francisco Volcanic Field, Babbitt Ranches and Meteor Crater–so they are well prepared to describe the landscapes they may be visiting. With six female astronaut candidates, Edgar my well be training the first woman who will walk on the Moon or Mars. Hear from Edgar as she joins podcast host Bonnie Stevens for On the Grid, sponsored by FBN and KAFF Radio, at FlagstaffBusinessNews.com.

Listen on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-559986867/on-the-grid-podcast-volume-16


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