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School Funding Discussion

Coconino County Superintendent of Schools Robert Kelty is presenting a community discussion on the state’s fiscal crisis and its impact on local schools.  The meeting this Thursday at 6:30 will be held at the Coconino Center for the Arts, at 2300 N. Ft. Valley Road. The public is invited and encouraged to attend. The meeting […]

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Service Begins at the Top

One of the objections we hear about trying to improve customer service is that much of the workforce is transient – young employees who do not have a commitment to stay. We hear some other harsh assumptions made about this particular workforce; for example, they act as though they are doing the employer a favor […]

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Senator McCain on U.S. Role in Libya

  (UPDATED:  From today’s Wall Street Journal and shared with FBN by John McCain.)     President Obama made a compelling case for our intervention in Libya on Monday evening, and U.S. actions there deserve bipartisan support in Congress. As the president rightly noted, failure to intervene militarily would have resulted in a humanitarian and […]

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Plan for Restoring Northern Arizona’s Forests

There is no question that forest fires can leave devastation and great economic loss after they are extinguished. Last year’s fires near Flagstaff cost taxpayers millions of dollars, and the aftermath caused a significant amount of flooding near Doney Park. That is why several community leaders, environmentalists, scientists, and state forest service officials are hammering […]

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Preventing Weight Gain in Children

The United States is experiencing an epidemic of obesity. Two thirds of American adults are either overweight or obese, and this epidemic also affects children. One third of all children ages two to 19 are overweight or obese. The risk of developing obesity-related diseases such as diabetes increases greatly as children do not exercise or […]

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Arizonans Deciphering the Business Of Medical Marijuana

(FBN UPDATE.  Beginning April 14th, Arizonans will be able to begin the process for growing marijuana.  State Health Director Will Humble is announcing the applications are available at his agency’s website.  Patients will need to be certified by their physicians as candidates for medicinal marijuana use, before applying for permission to acquire it.  Dispensaries are […]

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Analysis of AZ Income Tax Reform

Revised Rates Would Be Lowest of Any State with an Income Tax, says Tax Foundation analysts. (An Arizona Senate committee has voted for a ‘flat tax’ .  The Senate Finance committee voted 4-2 this week to pass the income tax reform which would eliminate some deductions including those for mortgage interest, charitable donations and those […]

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Physician of the Year

Cindy Martin, M.D., has been named Flagstaff Medical Center’s 2011 Physician of the Year. Dr. Martin will receive FMC’s 18th annual Healing Excellence and Leadership (HEAL) award at a ceremony on Thursday, March 31, as part of FMC’s celebration of National Doctors’ Day. Each year, FMC presents the HEAL award to a physician on its active staff […]

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Reclaiming the American Dream

In generations past, home ownership was a goal sought after by most families. Owning your own home with a yard, a picket fence, maybe a front porch is a cornerstone of the American dream. And building equity provided a path to the middle class, a way to finance college for the kids and build a […]

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