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Peak Engineering Inc. Celebrating Success

The partners of Peak Engineering, Inc. in Flagstaff are celebrating their one year anniversary.   Julie Leid, Anne Dunno and Tom Smith left other engineering jobs to start a new firm during the recession.  The partners are reporting a successful first year and have hired their first employee.

Julie Leid says Peak Engineering has a lot to look forward to in its second year.  “Just being a part of building the community, that’s what we do as civil engineers is infrastructure work and site development.  It’s a part of keeping our community healthy and strong and moving forward and planning for the future,” Leid told Flagstaff Business News.

Partner Tom Smith says doing service work and being involved in the  community is part of the firm’s philosophy.  So being a part of the community means just that: you have to be in the community, you have to be with the people and do things that help to build others up.  That’s the way we view it in terms of work,” he said.  “We’re not just here to make a buck.”

Because two of the partners of Peak Engineering, Inc. are women, the firm is considered a DBE, or Disadvantaged Business Enterprise.  While women are still considered a minority in the engineering field, their numbers are growing, and Peak Engineering Partner Anne Dunno believes technology is helping the trend.  “Cell phone technology, email, the laptop, you’re able to work at different points.  You don’t always have to be in an office and that’s very helpful from a logistics standpoint.”  Referring to the increasing number of women-owned businesses in Arizona, Dunno said women are challenged by balancing work and family but that technology allows for greater flexibility.

Peak Engineering, Inc., provides many services including site civil and utility design including water, reclaimed water and wastewater extensions and connections.  The firm also does stormwater management systems and infrastructure, ADA accessible parking facilities and walkways as well as parking facilities.  Peak Engineering also provides LEED certification support for sustainable sites and water efficiency categories.

A ribbon cutting celebration took place recently in the firm’s new office located in the historic Ice House building on Agassiz Street in downtown Flagstaff.   More information is available online.  http://peakegr.com/



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