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Physical Therapist Making House Calls

Basophobia, the fear of falling, is a phobia many of us can relate to, but for older adults, falling can be life-threatening. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), falls are an inevitable part of aging. The CDC reports that an older adult dies from a fall every 20 minutes.

However, these falls often can be avoided, and home physical therapy may help. “By addressing safe mobility and balance issues sooner than later, my clients can avoid serious injuries,” said Chad Moore of Flagstaff Physical Therapy House Calls.

He says older adults also can prolong their independence and continue to do the activities they have always enjoyed. “By working with my clients in their homes, I can develop a plan of care that incorporates their living environment to their specific goals to help reduce fall risks and prevent future injuries.”

Will Koenitzer was unable to walk unaided, and traveling to an office was difficult. “At-home physical therapy has a number of advantages, especially for people needing post-surgery rehabilitation,” said Koenitzer. “Chad is able to see first-hand the challenges I deal with at home and he has tailored his treatment to capitalize on my strengths and improve my weaknesses. Added to that, he has an abundance of patience, kindness and perseverance.”

Almost all of Moore’s patients are recovering from surgery or an accident. “I work with many conditions, ranging from post-surgical and joint replacement to post-stroke, Parkinson’s, rotator cuff dysfunction and more.”

Moore uses his own equipment, such as balance pads and weights, and focuses on strengthening, balance, gait training (how they walk) and transfer training (getting in and out of chairs).

Another advantage of in-home physical therapy is “not having to go to a clinic and worry about exposure to the novel coronavirus,” said Moore. “During this time, we are especially sensitive to take appropriate precautions and monitor CDC recommendations. Seniors are in a safe and familiar environment: their home.”

Since 2006, Moore has worked at Winslow Campus of Care skilled nursing facility in Winslow and commuted from Flagstaff.

“Chad is a kind, caring and compassionate individual. He is committed and gives his heart and soul to his patients,” said former Winslow Campus and Care administrator Barbara Brown. “He’s a dedicated loyal team member and an all-round great guy.”

Moore obtained his degree in physical therapy from Northern Arizona University (NAU) and has worked in skilled nursing facilities for more than 17 years in Flagstaff and Winslow. “I never thought I would have been doing physical therapy in a skilled nursing facility, but after my first rotation in this setting, I found it to be very rewarding. I enjoy helping patients improve their mobility and helping them recover.”

He added that working with seniors is what prompted him to start in-home health care. “This is a great way to receive physical therapy services for patients with neurological conditions following general and orthopedic surgical procedures, especially since they might have increased difficulty traveling to a traditional outpatient clinic.”

Flagstaff Physical Therapy House Calls does not charge extra for home therapy and is a provider for Medicare and Blue Cross Blue Shield. “Other people can see me who might be out of network and I can see clients without a doctor’s prescription.”

Another one of Moore’s recent success stories involves a client who was referred from Welbrook Rehabilitation and Senior Living Center. “She fractured an ankle and could not travel to therapy. I worked with her at home and she went from a wheelchair back to her prior level of function, walking normally, with 100% recovery.”

Born in Wisconsin, Moore is married with two grown sons. He has lived in Flagstaff since 1998 and in Arizona for more than 35 years. He can be contacted at 928-225-0287 or chadmoore928@gmail.com. FBN

By V. Ronnie Tierney, FBN

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