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Schultz Fire Flood Area Study Released

Schultz Fire Flood | Flagstaff Business NewsCoconino County recently received the results of an in-depth Hydraulics Study of the Schultz Fire/Flood area.  The Hydraulics Study was conducted to understand the expected routes, depth and velocity of flood water under various storm events.  The study reveals over 300 homes are at high hazard risk due to deep water and/or high velocity of water.  The homes at high risk extend near the forest service boundary above the Timberline area, through to the Doney Park area.

Given the critical nature of the hazards posed from the flooding, Coconino County officials are hosting information meetings for residents impacted by the Schultz Fire/Flood.  Residents in the Timberline, Fernwood and Doney Park communities still have the opportunity to attend one of the two remaining meetings on Saturday, April 2. They will be held at 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. at Sinagua Middle School, 3950 E. Butler Avenue in Flagstaff. The information at the meeting will inform residents of the specific level of risk at their home and assist residents in determining how to prepare for additional flooding.

Residents are strongly encouraged to attend, as the meetings will provide them with detailed information on the results of the Hydrology, Hydraulics and Sediment Transport Studies.  Each resident will be able to identify their home on a map that will show the depth of flow and level of risk to their homes during a 5-year and 25-year storm event.

The Hydraulics Study results show an even greater number of properties at risk for flooding than initially anticipated.  Approximately 300 properties are considered to be at high risk for flooding in a 25-year storm event.  High risk is identified as properties with potential for swift moving waters with a depth greater than 4 feet.

There are approximately 120 properties at medium risk, which is defined as properties with the potential for flows between 2 to 3 feet deep during a 25-year storm event.  There is a 20% probability for the occurrence of a 5-year storm event each year, and a 4% probability of a 25-year storm event.

Results of the Sediment Transport Study indicate that a large amount of sediment is expected to continue to flow off the mountain, and will impact flow and depth of flood water and continue to impact homes and properties.

Other information that will be presented at the meetings includes recommended flood mitigation design concepts by six engineering firms; the County’s application for funding from the Natural Resources Conservation Services and other sources; related legislative actions; and next steps in preparing for the summer.

“We just received the results of these critical studies and wanted to share this information immediately,” stated Coconino County District 2 Supervisor Liz Archuleta.  She added, “As the County develops options for flood mitigation to share with residents at future public participation meetings, it is very important for residents to have an understanding of these study results.”  “There are many residents that are at risk of flooding, including newly identified areas in Doney Park,” said Coconino County District 4 Supervisor Mandy Metzger.  “Given these results, we strongly encourage residents throughout the impacted area to purchase flood insurance now,” said.

Hazard maps, which show the potential for increased flooding in Doney Park (if the existing berms do not withstand future storm events), will be posted at the Summit Fire Station, 6050 E Firehouse Lane, and at the Silver Saddle Trading Post, 9001 N. Hwy. 89, for residents who are unable to attend the meetings.

For more information, residents are encouraged to visit the Schultz Fire/Flood webpage at www.coconino.az.gov/schultzfloodinformation.aspxor call the Schultz Flood Hotline at (928) 679-8390 or toll-free at (877) 679-8390.


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