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Protecting Dogs from Parvovirus

Parvovirus is a viral disease that is common among canines. It prefers to grow in rapidly dividing cells, particularly in young puppies. The intestinal tract of young dogs is full of rapidly dividing cells and is a prime location for the virus to grow. It attacks and kills the cells, causing bloody and loose stool, […]

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Preventing Dental Disease in Your Pet

Dental Disease is a common and often overlooked problem in pets. While cavities represent the most common dental disease in humans, dogs and cats are more frequently bothered by tartar buildup on the teeth. Tartar accumulation leads to irritation of the gums around the base of the teeth, ultimately leading to the exposure of the […]

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Is Your Pet Microchipped? 

We know that most pet owners look forward to having fun outside with their pets, but sometimes pets want to have a little fun of their own! Every year, thousands of pets escape the safety of their yards and human companions and take themselves for a walk. The thought of a lost pet can be […]

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Understanding Diabetes in Pets

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month. Diabetes mellitus is caused by an irregularity in the production of a hormone called insulin. Insulin is one of the hormones produced by the pancreas and it regulates the body’s ability to use glucose. Glucose comes from the food that your pet eats and is, in turn, the food […]

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