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Locals Welcoming Farmer’s Market

Heavy gusts of wind swept through Flagstaff, blowing away signs and whipping hair into faces as people made their purchases at the first Flagstaff Community Market gathering of the season. “The primary purpose of the [Flagstaff Community] Market is to support small- and medium-sized independent growers and producers by providing citizens with a local alternative […]

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Uranium Mining Tied to Regional Economy

Mining companies and local residents are awaiting Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar’s final decision to allow or ban hard rock mining for the next 20 years on approximately one million acres on the Arizona Strip north of Grand Canyon National Park. Surges in the price of uranium from about $10 per pound in 2003, […]

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Gosar Votes Against Raising Debt Ceiling

U.S. Congressman Paul Gosar, DDS (AZ-01) released the follow statement after his no vote on H.R. 1954—To implement the President’s request to increase the statutory limit on the public debt. “I was sent to Washington by my constituents with the instructions to rein in federal spending and stop the growth of the deficit.  With that […]

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Leaders Recognize National Small Business Week

Each of the past 48 years, the U.S. President has proclaimed this: National Small Business Week.  The contributions of small business owners are also recognized by the U.S. Small Business Administration. President of the Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce, Julie Pastrick, called small business the backbone and character of every community.   “Some feel that big […]

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AZ Tourism Industry Remains Economic Driver

Flagstaff tourism officials are joining state officials in recognizing the value of the tourism officials in Arizona. Jacki Lenners tells FBN there are activites the entire week.  “We kicked off National Tourism Week with an event at our Visitor Center on Saturday in honor of National Train Day. Throughout the week, our staff at the […]

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Andy Tobin Named Speaker of the House

Andy Tobin, R. Paulden, is the new Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives.  FBN caught up with Mr. Tobin to talk about his appointment and the year ahead for Arizona businesses. “I am truly honored to have the support of the members of the House of Representatives as we continue to address some of […]

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Bike to Work Week Benefits Health and the Economy

As warmer temperatures slowly make their way into Northern Arizona, the frozen roadsides of winter will finish melting away and cyclists will begin the spring ritual of dusting off their bikes and enjoying the roads and trails in and around Flagstaff. In an effort to encourage more citizens to embrace bicycles as transportation during the […]

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Business Students at Upcoming Research Symposium

Over the past few semesters, Northern Arizona University (NAU) senior Tereas Bermensolo-Cutler has been working on not one, but two research projects – projects she has been preparing for presentation at this month’s NAU Undergraduate Symposium. Bermensolo-Cutler is analyzing the organizational structure of a global-financial services firm (Lehman Brothers) to see if its makeup played […]

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NAU Boosts Local Economy –- Businesses Thrive

Northern Arizona University is a prominent player in the economic vitality of Flagstaff and the state of Arizona. That’s according to a report recently released by NAU’s Arizona Rural Policy Institute. The report, The Economic Contributions of Northern Arizona University to the State of Arizona in 2010, claims that NAU has contributed nearly $1.5 billion […]

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