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sedona film festival

Grounding in Sedona

Mariel Hemingway walked barefoot through the forest, Mackenzie Philips comforted those recovering from addiction and Ed Asner reflected on a life of standing up for what he believes. The actors joined filmmakers, production crew members, film buffs, locals and visitors for the 25th annual Sedona International Film Festival. Organizers rolled out the red carpet for […]

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Shark Tank Winners

Shooting for the Moon

It is an entertaining business model that has drawn many admirers – a panel of business experts who listen to pitches from budding entrepreneurs, invest in projects and offer marketing tips. Case in point, the popular Shark Tank reality TV program on ABC that has attracted an increasing number of viewers since it premiered in […]

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Nacet entrep

Moonshot Reaches Beyond Northern Arizona  

The concept of a launchpad for a moonshot took hold of the nation’s consciousness in 1961 when President John F. Kennedy declared that the United States would focus its energy on sending American astronauts into space with the goal of successfully landing on the moon.  Flagstaff played an important role in launching this dream, serving […]

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honeypot ants

Honey Pot Ants Colonizing Sweet Collaboration at Museum

Honey pot ants get their name from the swollen amber-colored belly full of sweet nectar that has been sustaining the colony, desert predators and even people for centuries on the Colorado Plateau. World-renowned ant expert Gary Alpert, Ph.D., a Museum of Northern Arizona Research Associate and retired Harvard Associate, says these industrious little insects have […]

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Del Webb Grants $1 Million to CCC Construction Program

The smell of freshly-cut hardwood drifts through the lab and classroom space. A saw whines. Hammers bang. “Measure twice. Cut once.” More than 40 people, students of the construction trades, are busily work on projects in the space – building an Adirondack chair, a nightstand and installing a water heater in a nearby section. The […]

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hotel ish

Historic Preservation Incentives Used to Restore Hotel

Allan Affeldt, the head of a number of companies including La Posada Hotel in Winslow, will soon reopen another historic property, La Castañeda Hotel in Las Vegas, New Mexico. Like La Posada, La Castañeda Hotel is a historical Fred Harvey property, Fred Harvey’s first railside hotel. The Fred Harvey company is best known for its […]

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Lite companyy

The Lite Company Celebrating 40 Years, Marking New Era

This 40-year-old family-owned Flagstaff business is ringing in the New Year with a big change. Long-time owners, Mike and Kathie Knapp, have just sold their beloved business. The Lite Company has always been local Flagstaff family owned and operated and it was important to us to make sure it stayed that way! On January 2, […]

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